Hello, Asheville! Here’s another Food Feed for you! The words and pictures below were originally posted to social media, mostly Facebook, but also Instagram.  I hope that you will enjoy them, and that you will be able to get some, if not all of the delicious food items listed here!

The Food Feed is in reverse chronological order. Scroll down through the past…


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 11/15/2021

??? Y’all… Last night’s PUKE pop-up at The Odditorium was AWESOME!!! I got the Barf Burger & Gut Bomb Burrito and both were TASTY AS FUCK!!! The Barf Burger patty was battered and deep fried, which made it crispy-crunchy as can be, then covered in a very thick and savory white gravy. It’s an instant contender for my ?? Burger of the Year award!!! ?? The Gut Bomb Burrito was likewise delicious! It was giant-sized, for one thing, and chock-full of incredibly satisfying “taco night” flavors, and crunchy Fritos! Goll dang! This is some serious stoner food. I loved it!!! I’ll be back NEXT TUESDAY, when I’ll try the Eggplant Parma-Shawn, which I heard people raving about! I hope y’all had a chance to try it last night, and if not, you have three more Tuesdays this month to get on over to West Asheville for this very special Puke Pop-up!!! ???

You can read more about the Puke Pop-Up HERE.

Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook group on 11/04/2021

If you missed it last week, don’t miss it next week… or the week after that… or the week after that… You only have TWO last chances! Use them wisely. The Puke Pop-Up at The Odditorium will only be a memory soon…

You can read more about Puke HERE.


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 11/11/2021

Steak Dianne w/ mushrooms and mashed taters. Asheville Food Tours sample from Twisted Laurel Downtown Asheville.


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 11/11/2021

I popped into Red Ginger Dim Sum & Tapas last week and had a wonderful lunch of Szechuan wontons and crispy lobster roll. I loved it! The wontons are one of my favorite dishes downtown! Thanks, Red Ginger! It was great to be there and eat this food for the first time since 2019! ❤️


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 11/09/2021

The master with her masterpieces. Chef Robyn Ziegler from Ziggy’s Bakery & Deli stopped to pose for me with two of her super-traditional classic Philly’s in hand. If you ain’t had one yet, remedy that situation ASAP. I went there today with my mom, and we both loved it! ❤️


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 11/07/2021

ADVENTURE DINING with Rick & Stu! Today we took a trip out to Strictly Wings-Asheville, where we engorged our selves on three kinds of wings, plus mac n cheese, yellow rice, yams & collards (not pictured). It was seriously some of the best mac n cheese either of us has ever had, and the sweet potatoes were KILLER. This food was frickin’ great! We both thoroughly enjoyed all of it and we’re already making plans to go back! Thanks to the manager, David, who greeted us, and treated us with warmth and generosity. High recommends from both Rick and Stu for this little wing shop out on Sweeten Creek Road in Arden! ???

My friend Rick & I took a little trip to Arden to try the wings at a place called Strictly Wings, where despite the name, they have lots of delicious side items on their menu that are not wings, including this fantastically delicious and decadent side of baked mac ‘n’ cheese!

Rick and I both agreed that wings were GREAT, as were the collards, yams, and cornbread, but that this mac ‘n’ cheese was stellar! I openly mused that it could be the best in Asheville, and Rick put it in 2nd place to his all time favorite at Doc Brown’s BBQ. You can listen to us rave about it in the podcast above.

Based on this first-time experience, I very much recommend a trip to visit the good folks at Strictly Wings, get some of everything, but definitely don’t miss out on this mac ‘n’ cheese!

Whose got your fave mac ‘n’ cheese in WNC?


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 11/07/2021

Dawn and I enjoyed a wonderful meal with two friends at Storm Rhum Bar and Bistro the other night. We shared the beef stroganoff mac & cheese, and a beet salad, and both were excellent! Dawn ordered halibut, and it was fantastic. She loved it, and I even had a little bit of food envy when I tried hers! Mine was also fantastically good, though, so I didn’t complain! I think I got literally the last order of the meatloaf and waffles of the whole season, I’m pretty sure it’s already off the menu by now. I’m sad to see it go, but glad that I got to eat it twice while it was around! The first time i ordered it, it came with fried green tomatoes & pickled raspberries, this time it came with deep fried pecans & pear. It’s truly a unique super star dish, I hope it will be back in some form or another on a future menu! In the meantime, I suggest everyone get on down to Storm, and enjoy these dishes, as well as any others that might show up on this ever-changing/never boring downtown menu!


Originally posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Substack Newsletter on 11/07/2021

Thanks, Diane S-R, one of your fellow food fans, who suggested to me that try cooking tater-tots in my waffle iron, and I’m never turning back. It’s easy as can be: Just put some tots on a hot waffle iron and press down! Then, ta-dah! A perfect tater-tot hash brown! I put an over-easy egg & some American cheese top, with a bit of real maple syrup, and it was 100% bomb! Welcome to the Waffle-Iron-Tater-To Era!


Originally posted to my personal Facebook page on 11/17/2021

FYI – I’m back to doing three tours a week for Asheville Food Tours, including my brand new THC Tours, which are called “Food & Dispensary Tours” on our web page. Please sign-up to take a tour with me! This time of year is the best time of year for locals to go downtown, see what’s new, enjoy the food, and see the sites when there are a lot fewer tourists, a lot less traffic, and a lot more parking. YOU CAN BUY TICKETS HERE: Asheville Food Tours.


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??? !!! NEW !!! ??? I had a FEAST at Iconic Kitchen and Drinks, which included a dang RACK OF LAMB!!! Also: Steak, chicken, a pork chop, salmon, pasta, shepherd’s pie, deviled eggs, salad, and more. Not even kidding, that’s what they served me, and I did my best to eat as much as I could. You can read my review, and also listen tot he food news on my latest podcast by clicking the link. Thanks!

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