Introduction to The Waxlorette: Just an Asheville woman with a medium-sized dream


Hello Asheville!!! My medium sized dream is coming to fruition! I have been given the honor of writing for Ashvegas!!! I have been writing funny posts about my child on my own FB page for years. People have suggested I write a book, start a blog or write for a newspaper. I dismissed this. I am a nurse. A mother. I need an hourly paying job to feel secure. Writing seemed about as irresponsible as being an artist.

Some of you may be members of WAX: West Asheville Exchange on FB. It’s a private group of 36,200+ people in Asheville. If so, you know me as “The WAXlorette”. On May 11th I wrote a “missed connections” post there to find a guy I met at a gas station. It was in the midst of the gas shortage crisis. He was kind to me and made small talk despite the fact I looked hideous in sweat pants and no makeup. I was extremely anxious about finding gas. I was on fumes and assumed there was going to be chaos at the pumps. If he was single, I wanted to ask him out on a date.

To my surprise, the WAX community found said guy, based on my description. He is one of the owners at All About Plumbing. He is also married, with three kids. He was not flirting, and neither was I. I just appreciated his kindness during a stressful time.

In my next post, I decided to throw myself out there and ask people to help me find a kind and AVAILABLE guy. I described myself: 44, NICU nurse, divorced mom to one child, Navy vet, etc. Despite the fact I have an 816 credit score and have yet to have even ONE cavity, I was finding it hard to find a good man to date. Some woman dubbed me “The WAXlorette.” And so it began….

I got on Tinder that night, and matched with a guy in the first few minutes of getting back on the dating app. “Tinder Dude” and I went out on our first date this past Monday, May 17. I have been writing about our dates on WAX as episodes of “The WAXlorette.” We have now gone out three times. He is very much aware that he is the subject of my posts. I will never out him as far as his identity, nor say a bad word about him. So far, he is being a great sport about being in the spotlight. As the days have gone by, hundreds of people have liked my posts. They have encouraged me to write more. I got a PM from Jason Sandford asking me to write for Ashvegas.

So here I am, Ashvegas!!! I have been given an opportunity to share with you my passion for writing. My column will feature stories that will make you laugh. Think David Sedaris, or Dave Barry, but with tits. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!! This means the world to me!!!

❤ Sarah Malson, The WAXlorette


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  1. Marcianne Miller June 19, 2021

    Welcome WAXlorette!! You’re hilarious and thoughtful – and a great writer. We look forward to your next installments! Congratulations and good luck!



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