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Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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The arrival of Puebla continues West Asheville’s rapid transformation into Mexican-food central, with restaurants including El Paraiso, Tacos Jalisco, El Que Pasa, El Chapala Patton Ave, Margarita’s Town, Taqueria Gonzalez, El Mariachi, Neo Burrito, and coming this spring, Zia Taqueria in the old Delores and Jose’s location.

There’s also Bandido’s, a Latin-fusion joint serving tacos; burrito joint Lucky Otter; Mr. Suave at 1563 Patton, a market vending tamales and fresh corn tortillas by the kilo; and Tienda Hispana La Catrachita on Haywood. And White Duck and Taqueria Con Cuida just over the RAD border at the Grey Eagle, and Elena’s in nearby Candler…

By spring, there will likely be SEVEN NINE TEN Mexican restaurants and at least two tiendas in the 28806.

Restaurant Puebla, the Swannanoa Mexican restaurant that opened to rave reviews last winter (in the Village Pub location now occupied by Native Kitchen) and then closed in June to relocate, has resurfaced.

It’s now at 1056 Patton Avenue, next to Margarita’s Town and near Octopus Garden.

According to its Facebook page, Puebla “offers authentic Mexican food from Puebla Mexico. Such as Cemitas, Mole Poblano, Enchiladas, Gorditas, and more.”

A Black Mountain News review from last winter was a rave, and Puebla quickly found popularity with local foodies for its authentic take on Mexican food. If I remember right, it’s run by an extended Mexican-American foodie family who mixes Asheville food ideas (fresh, locally sourced) with the authentic food of Puebla.

The owners of Puebla also own La Bamba Burrito Express and Los Nenes, a bakery, meat market, and grocery.

Puebla on Facebook.

Puebla website.

Puebla menu.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Dusty December 26, 2012

    Jen – It’s right on Haywood next to Freaks and Geeks…and yes, it should be different. If I am not mistaken, Catrachita is the one down across from Digable Pizza but I did not know they served food on-site. I thought they were solely a market.

  2. al fox December 26, 2012

    9 Restuants,all have the same 5-6 items on the menu,etc.

  3. Jennifer Saylor December 26, 2012

    Where is this place, you guys? Just a hole in the wall on Haywood? Not the same as Catrachita?

  4. june black December 26, 2012

    seconding dusty’s comment about taqueria gonzalez, easily the best tacos in the haywood road area but ALWAYS gets left out of discussions of asheville/west asheville’s mexican restaurants.

  5. Jennifer Saylor December 26, 2012

    Good god.

  6. Dusty December 26, 2012

    What about Taqueria Gonzalez ?


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