STU HELM’S FOOD FEED: Pizza Picnic, Mail Order Jerky, Chicken Wings, Steak in Box, and a Taco


Hello, Asheville! Here’s another Food Feed for you! The words and pictures below were originally posted to social media, mostly Facebook. I hope that you will enjoy them, and that you will be able to get some, if not all of the delicious food items listed here! The Food Feed is in reverse chronological order. Scroll down through the past…


My friend Rick and I are doing something we call The AVL Wing Thing. We’re eating all the chicken wings, and recording podcasts about them. Some of the posts below are part the our AVL Wing Thing adventures. Some are not.

So far Rick and I have covered wings from Ole’s Guacacmoles, East Village Grille, Iconic Kitchen and Drinks, Creekside Taphouse, Deli Llammma Food Truck (3X), and Manicomio Pizza Food.

Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/17/2021

This week, Rick and I are joined by Luis from Descubre Asheville, to talk about the wings and more form Ole’s Guacamoles AVL, and more! As usual, I am the weakest link, and there are some difficulties in screen sharing and other Zoom-related stuff, sorry. I’mma learn that shit better soon, I promise. Enjoy!


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/17/2021

Yum! HomeGrown really came through last night. I ordered through Kickbackavl (of course) and it was all so delicious and satisfying! One of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time, plus frittes, pimento cheese, extra gravy, and a giant brownie! Yes I poured the gravy on the burger. If you haven’t eaten at HomeGrown lately, it’s just as great as it’s always been! ❤️?


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/15/2021

Got that Little Louie’s today! Saucy chicken tenders and the award winning brisket cheesesteak, yum! Today is the last day of this amazing pop-up from the good folks at Buxton Hall Barbecue. ❤️


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/15/2021

Status Update: Yes, I was able to get the J&J one-shot vaccine last week, and in case you’re curious, my arm did hurt a little bit and is still mildly sore today. If I had any other side effects, they were so mild I couldn’t tell them apart from my usual state of being. I did sleep for an extraordinary amount of time this weekend, for example, but I’m not sure if that was because of the shot, or just because I’m a sleepy old fuck. It seems like I haven’t met any two people who have had the same reaction to any of the vaccines, so my experience may not be yours.

When the clock strikes exactly two weeks since I got my shot, I will begin rebuilding my life inside the restaurants of Asheville again. I love people, but I hate crowds, and the year of quasi-isolation has made my social anxiety and latent misanthropy even more acute than usual, so I might have to ease back into real life one toe at a time, or maybe I’ll jump in and start to boogie-oogie-oogie right away? We’ll see how my feels feel.

Anyhoo, I’ll see you soon enough, Asheville! Better days ahead. ❤

PS – Now I look like this. Don’t be frightened. I just want food, and then I’ll go away. ?


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/14/2021

I ordered some delivery from Packs Tavern via Kickbackavl last night, and it was very tasty and satisfying! I got their “famous” breaded buffalo chicken wings, and beef stroganoff with a side salad. All of it was great, and exactly what I was craving at the time. Thanks, Pack’s, and Kickback, you made my night!

The photo above does not do justice to the deliciousness of this dish! Once I stirred it all up, it was SO creamy and saucy and good. I’ve been craving it ever since.



Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Instagram page on 3/08/2021

#picnic @pie_zaa #asheville #avl


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/12/2021

I got that 1-shot vaccine, Yo. I’ll see you soon! ❤️??


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/11/2021

Got those wings from Ole’s Guacamoles AVL! Plus steak and a taco! It was all great!!! Rick, Luis, and I will be talkin’ about them on our podcast later tonight. Stay tuned!


Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan Facebook page on 3/11/2021

I got an awesome package of stuff in the mail from the Sealed Chef! Jellies, marmalade, pumpkin butter, pickles, and beef jerky! I’m working my way through everything, I have already eaten all of the beef jerky, it was really great! I loved it. I ate all of the pumpkin butter and that was also great, I am looking forward to trying and tasting the rest! Stay tuned! Learn more about the sealed chef at

These pickles were spicy and delicious!

This jerky was BOMB in my opinion.


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  1. Daniel April 2, 2021

    you are starving me Stu! Need to make a trip to some of these places soon.


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