STU HELM’S FOOD FEED: Holiday Bundt, Pollo Navideñas, Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, More!



Hello, Asheville! Here’s another Food Feed for you. If it seems a little repeaty to you, that’s because I do get on a “jag” and eat from the same place a whole bunch in a row. The words and pictures below were originally posted to Facebook. I hope that you will enjoy them, and that you will be able to get some, if not all of the delicious food items listed below.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 12/24/2020

My friend Jane from Asheville Independent Restaurant Association brought me a gift of bread and coffee cake from
City Bakery! Yay! Some of my fave stuff from one of my fave people!


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 12/23/2020

O. M. Geeeee!!! This whole stuffed chicken aka “Pollo Navideñas” from Pupuseria Paty Asheville was truly one of the most delicious things I have eaten all year long. WOW. It’s done in a Central American style and was moist, delicious, falling off the bone, perhaps the most delicate and flavorful chicken I’ve ever had! Thanks to my friends Chef Paty, and Luis from Descubre Asheville (he says this chicken is as good as his own mother’s) who introduced me to Paty, and helps us both bridge the language gap between us so that I can highlight this amazing food! Call 828-505-4954 to order! If you don’t speak Spanish, just say “Me gustaria pedir Uno Pollo Navideñas, por favor!”


Stu Helm (personal page) – 12/19/2020
Stu Helm is with Witt Pinkerton.

This morning, I woke up, opened my eyes, and my very first thought was, “…good friend Witt is bringing me food today.” True story. Then moments later, still in bed, my phone buzzed with a message from Witt himself, “So excited to bring you lunch homie.” Followed by this picture and another note, “I have some big surprises too haha.” Hell yes. Today is already my favorite ever. w/ Sweet Southern Funk

Stu Helm: Food Fan – 12/19/2020

Chef Witt from Sweet Southern Funk brought me another giant pile of food. I recommend his cooking 100%. Some of the best grub in WNC, not even kidding. Nap… now… zzzz…

Stu Helm (personal page) – 12/19/2020

I tol’ you my friend, Chef Witt Pinkerton (and his friend Rosemary) was bringing me food today. ? Sweet Southern Funk, Yo. Some of theeeee best grub in WNC. Chili cheese dogs, curried fried taters and curried tater salad, an AMAZING fried boloney and fried green tomato sandwhich, a super fresh and tasty salad, excellent slaw, house made dressings and sauces, some of the BEST DANG FRIED CHICKEN EVER, plus some pit smoked chicken sliced deli style, AND pit smoked chicken ends.* Holy shit, Y’all. Every single bite I took of each and every item was sooooo gooooood!!! I can not recommend this food highly enough! *Pro Tip: When a chef brings you any kind of “ends” with your food, it’s like when your pot dealer hands you an extra nug with your usual zipper and says, “this is what I’ve been smoking.” Kids, don’t say no to ends.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 11/11/2020

A delicious turkey sandwich, with house-made chips, and side of tater salad from Sand Hill Kitchen. Yum!


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 11/10/2020

These two pictures do it no justice, but the avocado toast from All Day Darling Cafe is amazing. Best I’ve ever had. And yes I do eat my share of avocado toast. I love it!


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 11/07/2020

I am helpless and hopeless in the face of my addiction. Thank you, @Blue Collar Diner and Kickbackavl for fulfilling my Saturday breakfast ritual needs.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 11/05/2020

A beautiful slice and serving of meat lasagna for lunch from Manicomio.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – 11/05/2020

I have decided to eat and review some of the various kids meals that are available around town. What you see in these pictures is the entire kids menu from Buxton Hall Barbecue yesterday. Their menu, including their kids menu, is subject to change at all times. Here we have a kids pulled pork sandwich, a kids cheeseburger, a grilled cheese sandwich, and some fried chicken nuggets. They came with various sauces, and ketchup. Everything was real tasty, and the chicken nuggets were the stand out super star to me. They were delicious, they were hot and crispy, and they were plentiful! Also the white barbecue sauce is some of my favorite stuff in Asheville! As you can see from the pictures, you might want to also order some slaw for your kids too, or some collards, green beans, or a salad to share, as these are strictly the items, with no sides. Again the chicken nugs were my fave, and if your kids like those, as well as cheeseburgers, pulled pork, and grilled cheese sandwiches in general, they will likely enjoy all of this food! It’s very fussy-kid friendly for one thing. The burger for example had no onions, tomato, or nothin’, and was just straight up with American cheese, and ketchup on the side. Likewise the pulled pork was straight up, no frills, sauce on the side, and there was absolutely nothing “weird” or “wahhhhhhh!” about any of it. I also ordered the chocolate peanut butter cup for dessert, and is was 100% bomb. Those things that look like raisons on top are salted peanuts. Yum. I don’t have kids, but if I did I would hide this dessert from them, and keep it allll for myself! LOL Thanks, Kickbackavl for delivering!

UPDATE: Since writing this original post, Buxton has added the option for kids to choose one side to go with their main, and so they have a chance to order something green now.

 – END –

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