STU HELM’S FOOD FEED: Chai Pani, Sweet Southern Funk, Abeja’s House Cafe, Village Wayside Bar & Grille, More!



Hello, Asheville! Here’s another Food Feed for you. I’ve been getting most of my food delivered these days, although I do still venture out on foot into the world at times, all masked-up and socially distanced from other human people.

The words and pictures below were originally posted to Facebook. I hope that you will enjoy them, and that you will be able to get some, if not all of the delicious food items listed below.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – Dec 17th

If you haven’t checked out Chef Witt Pinkerton’s Sweet Southern Funk food truck, do yourself a favor and get some soon! He’s out there in Candler, and we’ll worth the trip! He brought me a lil bit of errthing, and it took me three days to eat my way through this giant pile of awesome! Lots of deep fried things, meaty things, but also a very nice salad! Witt is a great guy and a great chef, who always keeps it real, and stays true to his roots and family traditions.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – December 16

Last week I went to Abeja’s House Cafe with my mom and sister, WOW, that was only my second time there, but I’m already calling it one of the best places in town! That tres leches cake alone is worthy of an award. I had chilaquilas and it was fantastic. So flavorful and satisfying! Recommend.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – December 16

When I got back to Asheville from being out of town last week (I’ll get to that in a minute) I had a couple packages waiting for me, including this bottle of very tasty hot sauce from the good folks at KaBobby McGee’s! It came with a nice note and some cool stickers. Local hot sauces make great gifts! Jus’ sayin”. Thanks, Lea and Ryan! I appreciate you!


Stu Helm: Food Fan – December 16

Right before I left town last week (i’ll get to that in another post) I had lunch with my friends Rocky and Rhoni. They brought food to my house from the Village Wayside Bar & Grille. I called in the order, and asked the gentleman on the phone, if the stuffed cabbage was any good, because it was listed on the menu as a “family recipe.” He said it was awesome, and he wasn’t lying. I recommend this dish very highly. Came with mashed taters. Also delicious.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – December 15

On our way home from Florida, we stayed one night in Savannah, GA, where we ordered low country boil, blue crab, and crab pie from a basic but awesome place called the Savannah Seafood Shack. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Stu Helm: Food Fan – December 15

We got some AMAZING breakfast pastries while we were in Winter Park, Florida from a place called Buttermilk Bakery. Does anyone here in Asheville make something like that one with the egg? It was sooooo good!

Stu Helm: Food Fan – December 15

So, I took a road trip to Winter Park, Florida, to help my GF, Dawn, move from her old apartment to her new condo. We got take-out while we were there, including this box of super delicious fried shrimp, fish, scallops, and frittes, from the Winter Park Fish Co., that came with sugared hushpuppies. Mmmmmmmm fried. Winter Park has a decent food scene for sure.


Stu Helm: Food Fan – November 13

Thank you Chai Pani and Kickbackavl for this delicious meal of saag paneer thali, chicken pakoras, and another entry in my exploration of Asheville’s kids menus, the Cheese Paratha. There were multiple sauces as well, and I’m gonna give a big thumbs-up to dipping the cheese paratha — which seemed like an Indian quesadilla — into the sweet yogurt sauce. I will once again recommend that parents might consider adding a desi salad or other vegetable side, as the kids menu does not include any green things. Dawn and I enjoyed this meal very much!

 – END –

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