Here’s a quick look at the new Steak ‘n Shake in Weaverville:



  1. People are seriously lined up 30 cars deep for an average burger that is essentially Bantam Chef?

  2. SuckItMcGee says:

    While it was pretty good, I was REALLY hoping that this would’ve been a Five Guys. I think Five Guys would’ve done really well in Weaverville, pulling a lot of business from North Asheville in general (would be closer than Arden for a lot of neighborhoods around Merrimon/Woodfin).

  3. Should be 24 hours like most every other steak n shake. Tastes much better late nite!
    Also with one hour wait times in the drive thru, literally 30 cars deep, can’t they have an employee serve as a car hop and keep things moving…

  4. They currently do not allow take-out. If you want something to go, get in line in the drive-thru. And bring a book to read.

  5. does steak/shake still make a “steak sandwich” like back in the day? “chili mac” ?good stuff from my days as an illinois farm boy on my granpa’s farm. just askin’.

  6. Can’t wait to go!!!

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