bp_charlotte_street1UPDATE: The Asheville Citizen-Times confirms this today. Click through their pay-walled site to read.

MAY 21, 2014: Word on the street is that a former gas station on Charlotte Street in north Asheville will be the site of a new restaurant. There was a lot of discussion earlier this year that the popular Xiao Bao Biscuit restaurant in Charleston was looking to open a second location Asheville. Eater.com recently reported that Patrick O’Cain, the restaurant’s sous chef, who is from Asheville, was planning a return on his own. The rumor is the tagged-up gas station will be the location for that new restaurant.



  1. I used to ride my bike past that mess at least twice a day when I lived behind the JCC of Charlotte Street. It was the ugliest thing in an otherwise pretty nice looking neighborhood.

    It’s a nightmare inside and I’m pretty sure that the reason nothing has been done with it is because it’s toxic. That was always the scuttlebutt anyways. I took a bunch of detailed pictures of it a while back. I’ll try to find them to post on my Facebook page.

    I hope that something can be done with it! There was a cool place in Chicago called the Pontiac Cafe that was built into an old gas station. The food kinda sucked, but the space was great.

  2. Charlotte Street eyesore in north Asheville site for new restaurant

    Thank the Gods. There hasn’t been a new restaurant opened up in this town for at least seven minutes.

  3. In the 70’s and 80’s that was a great Gulf gas station.

  4. Yeah, and a few years ago it was reported here that it was going to be a Brixx Pizza. So much for THAT word on the street.

  5. Patrick is good people!!!

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