henco1Sounds like a cool project. Press release here:

Conceived of as a site-specific minimalist exhibition space, window aims to stimulate thoughtful discussion around timely issues within contemporary art in the local community and beyond.

Generously hosted by Henco Reprographics, the project is housed in a portion of their storefront where new works will be installed monthly. This platform challenges traditional notions of the exhibition space, and is envisioned as a venue for contemporary image-makers who engage with issues of re-production and re-presentation within their practice via philosophical, theoretical and/or poetic frameworks.

All exhibited artworks will complement the discourse and format of the site and will be designed exclusively for the space. The primary focus will be upon works that repurpose found or archival source materials, challenge notions of originality and authenticity, stimulate perceptual phenomena through reiteration or duplication, implement re-photography as a critical component, or embrace re-production as essential to the work. A tightly curated inaugural season will set the tone for the project, with an open call to artists slated for the future.

The project will officially launch on March 1, 2013 with an installation including a work by internationally renowned photographer Mark Klett (Tempe, AZ) in collaboration with Byron Wolfe (Chico, CA). In subsequent months, works by Mark Menjivar (San Antonio, TX), Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (Madison, WI), Christopher Meerdo (Chicago, IL) and Siebren Versteeg (Chicago, IL) will be installed. Press releases for each of these exhibitions will be issued shortly before their opening dates.

In the spirit of exchange, window is also hosting a blog and welcoming both anonymous and authored comments and posts. Content related to each exhibition will be regularly posted and contributions from practitioners, educators, theorists and curators will also be included each month. The blog address can be found on the project website, www.windowcontemporary.org.

This project was conceived of by artist and educator, Dawn Roe, who lives part time in Asheville when not teaching at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She also serves as the curator for the space. window is generously hosted by Henco Reprographics, 54 Broadway, Asheville, NC 28801


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