Topless rally in Asheville set for another show on Aug. 28

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Asheville’s annual topless rally organized by the Go Topless folks is set to return on Aug. 28. The event is planned for 1 p.m. at Pritchard Park in the center of downtown.

Go Topless organizes dozens of topless rallies each year around the U.S. in an effort, they say, to raise awareness about having positive attitudes toward women’s bare breasts and to call attention to laws stopping women from appearing topless in public.

In Asheville, the rallies have been controversial, though interest in them has declined precipitously since the first gathering around the Vance Monument in 2011 drew 2,000 oglers and a couple dozen topless women and caused a city-center traffic jam.

The topless movement in Asheville, such as it were, caught on at Bele Chere, with half-naked women competing with shouting street preachers for festival-goers’ attention.

Over the past couple of years, the events have drawn a dozen or fewer bare-breasted women and a hundred or so mostly male viewers with bulging eyes and cameras on burst.

Go Topless Asheville on Facebook.

Related link: My coverage of the Go Topless Asheville rally in 2014, complete with photo gallery.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. chris September 6, 2016

    Pathetic, Tex. Perhaps if you put on your cowboy hat and spurs, you’ll come up with something clever.

  2. Peter Robbins August 31, 2016

    Maybe Mr. Apodaca could do some lobbying. I understand he’s quite influential.

    1. chris August 31, 2016

      I think you mean “inflatulential”. (Sorry, Tim got me on a roll.)

  3. Barry Summers August 30, 2016

    Did I miss it? Aw, shoot.

  4. Tim Peck August 19, 2016

    Can we get a local legislator to help?

    An Open Letter to Citizens and Visitors of Asheville,

    As many of you are aware, an event known as “GoTopless” is scheduled to occur in downtown Asheville this Sunday. If it is similar to last year’s event, a number of female attendees may be topless, exposing their breasts to public view.

    As citizens of Asheville and individual members of Asheville City Council, we do not endorse this conduct. We believe that it does nothing to help our community, and we recognize that it disappoints and embarrasses many of our citizens and visitors. We wish it were not happening.

    Despite our hopes over the past few months that this could be addressed by city ordinance, legal research indicates that this is a matter of State law, and that our city’s options are very limited. As soon as possible, we fully intend to seek legislation in Raleigh that will clarify the law and enable Asheville and other communities in North Carolina to respond more effectively. Please join us in urging our legislators in that direction.

    As for the event that is set to occur this Sunday, we urge citizens and visitors to avoid the event. Please do enjoy our vibrant downtown this Sunday in other ways, including your support for the Goombay Festival, other events, and our great downtown businesses.


    Terry M. Bellamy, Mayor
    Esther Manheimer, Vice-Mayor
    Cecil Bothwell, Councilman
    Jan Davis, Councilman
    Marc Hunt, Councilman
    Chris Pelly, Councilman
    Gordon Smith, Councilman

    “I remain very concerned about toplessness in Asheville and the folks who have targeted Asheville’s community to make a statement that seems unnecessary, yet destructive, and unhelpful to any causes championing women,” Manheimer said.

    1. chris August 30, 2016

      Local to Ft. Worth? I don’t see how that would help, Tex.

      1. Tim Peck August 31, 2016

        What an utterly useless contribution. You must be a progressive.

        1. chris August 31, 2016

          What an utterly useless contribution. You must be an *sshole. Or a paid shill who lives in Texas and haunts NC forums like a flatulent wraith.

          1. Peter Robbins August 31, 2016

            Gentlemen, language, please. “Useless” is such a cruel word.

          2. Peter Robbins September 1, 2016

            I think the concern here is that some libertarian types are coming in from out of state, invading local venues where they don’t really belong, and shamelessly exposing parts of their anatomy that no one wants to see. Can we all agree that’s a problem?

          3. chris September 1, 2016


          4. Tim Peck September 1, 2016

            WNC residents to rally for mental health recovery, Sept. 10

            Western North Carolinians from all walks of life will rally on Saturday, Sept. 10, in Haywood County to spread the message that people can and do recover from mental illness and other life challenges.

          5. Barry Summers September 1, 2016

            OK, Peter. That was pretty funny.

          6. Tim Peck September 1, 2016

            Oh yes, I always like it when Mr. Peter Robbins shares his wit with our readers. Especially when it’s about his favorite topic.

            Come on, Mr. Peter Robbins, give us another. This topless rally is pretty boring stuff.

          7. Tim Peck September 1, 2016

            Actually, I’m beginning to think your tiny progressive mind is obsessed with me…



          8. Peter Robbins September 1, 2016

            I’m gratified that you always like my Internet comments, Mr. Peck. But I was talking about the topless rally. What are you talking about?

          9. Tim Peck September 2, 2016

            Why, the topless rally, of course. Hasn’t it been fun?

          10. Peter Robbins September 2, 2016

            I don’t care for it myself. It’s not the teat; it’s the cupidity.

          11. Tim Peck September 2, 2016

            Thank you, Johnny Come Lately.

            “The event, which caused years of legal handwringing for the City of Asheville since it first came to town in 2010, has steadily decreased in popularity over the years.”

          12. chris September 2, 2016

            Ya see raight chere? His neuro-humorizing springlebob has dun burnt out! I may have a replacement back at the shop.

          13. Tim Peck September 4, 2016

            About how many times a day do you check this site to see whether or not I have commented? I’m guessing 5. I love it.

          14. chris September 4, 2016

            What an utterly useless comment.

            I’m amazed that you telecommute daily from Texas to participate in NC forums. It’s like you’re getting paid to do it or something.

          15. Tim Peck September 6, 2016

            I see you’ve managed to change the subject. It must have been a real mental struggle for you.


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