Demolition of giant Asheville River Arts District warehouse up for bid

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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The city of Asheville is taking bids for the demolition of a decrepit River Arts District warehouse. There’s a pre-bid conference set for Sept. 1, with the bids set to be opened on Sept. 8.

The demolition project is part of the multi-million dollar road improvement project that is beginning now but will ramp up in earnest early next year. The project, which includes the building tear-downs, the addition of roundabouts, the construction of bike lanes and greenways, and the straightening of of the Lyman Street-Riverside Drive connection (and force the relocation of 12 Bones restaurant) will remake the River Arts District. warehouse_demolition_map_asheville_2016

The warehouse at 226 Lyman St. is approximately 65,000 square feet in size is the one that was the focus of a massive mural art project in May. A couple dozen artists spent a weekend adorning the old building with their art. The project, which sought crowdfunding, was organized in part by Asheville mural artist Ian Wilkinson.

A few months back, city urban planner Stephanie Monson Dahl told me that city officials had been in touch with the artists prior to the painting event and briefed them on demolition plans, which include preserving a couple of the newly painted walls of the warehouse.

Here are other buildings destined for demolition:warehouse_4_rad_asheville_2016

These two buildings (above) will be torn down. The top view is shot from West Haywood Street; the bottom view is shot from Riverside Drive.


The building at left (above)is an addition to the main Riverside Studios building next door and will be taken down. It is also at the intersection of Riverside Drive and West Haywood Street.warehouse_1_rad_asheville_2016


This old warehouse (above) sits at the corner of Riverside Drive and the Craven Street bridge, properly known as Smith Bridge. A wetland area will be planted in place of the warehouse.

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Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Nate August 19, 2016

    Thank God they’re finally dealing with that crumbling wooden warehouse located at Craven Street and Riverside . . . I’ve been sure it would be the arsonist’s next target for years, and am amazed that it’s still as intact as it is.

    It will definitely be a shame if all that grafitti has to go, however understandable from a safety perspective, but boy am I glad that the artists were all briefed and aware of the situation before they contributed their time to the project!

  2. ian wilkinson August 19, 2016

    we met with city officials before beginning the mural project in may and came to an agreement to try to leave the walls standing that have the artwork we created but the ceilings and other structures are very much a danger to public safety.


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