tommy-gunThe Smoky Mountain News reports:

The Canton Police Department is considering selling two 80-year-old submachine guns and using the proceeds to pay for new and better equipment for the force — before the federal government possibly bans such weapons.

“Somewhere, somehow, the town acquired them. We can’t use them; there is no need to have them sitting in our arms room gathering dust,” said Canton Alderman Ed Underwood. “I’ve been advocating to sell them for quite a while.”

Three Thompson submachine guns, or “Tommy guns,” were given to the Canton Police Department sometime in the 1930s. The weapons are similar to the gun used by Johnny Depp in “Public Enemies,” a flick about notorious criminal John Dillinger. Little is known about where Canton’s submachine guns came from.

“The historical side of it is a little grey,” said Canton Police Chief Bryan Whitner.

But what is known is that the firearms are valuable. The town sold one of the three last year. It netted $24,000 for the department — money that was then used to buy all new service weapons, police shotguns and tasers for officers on the force.

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  1. On one hand, I don’t want to give the police department any more money. On the other hand, I _really_ want a tommy gun. Hmmm….

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