Hall Fletcher Elementary School PTO to host Tuesday discussion of how to improve school food

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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school_lunch_2014Press release here:

Tuesday, March 18th

6:00- 7:00pm

Hall Fletcher Elementary School Reception to Follow

Hall Fletcher Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is hosting a nutrition discussion forum with Beth Palien, Director of Nutrition for Asheville City Schools (ACS). 200 Hall Fletcher families, city and county leaders, and members of the City School Board, are expected to attend this important forum on school nutrition programs. Beth Palien, the Asheville City School Nutrition Director, will be fielding questions and concerns.

Parents from Hall Fletcher Elementary want to discuss ways to improve food quality for their children. Hall Fletcher Elementary has 79% of its students on free and reduced lunch, one of the highest rate of any Asheville City elementary school. For many students, the school-provided meals are significant sources of their nutrition during the day. Studies show that good nutrition is one of the more important factors in increasing reading and math proficiency in disadvantaged households. Families want more nutritious menu options provided for their children so that they have the healthy fuel to perform their best during the academic school day. This forum will help all involved understand the issues behind school nutrition programs – how they are funded, what the federal and state guidelines are, and what we, in a school community, can do.

About Hall Fletcher Elementary

Hall Fletcher Elementary, a magnet school for science, math, and technology, serves the highest proportion of minority, low-income, and special-needs students of any school in the city. It is in the midst of undergoing a significant transformation into a community centered school with high expectations for all students to acquire behaviors and skills that prepare students for success through post-secondary education and beyond in their lives. We put a priority on students feeling valued, being inspired toward greatness, and achieving goals that advance their emotional and academic intelligence quotients.

Faculty, staff, and students aspire toward seven values in their academic endeavors and life outside of school – self-control, social intelligence, grit, gratitude, optimism, zest, and curiosity. This transformation began within the walls of the school and has spread to the outward appearance of the school in the last year. This year, Hall Fletcher Elementary will break ground, on existing school property, to develop an innovative park with experiential outdoor classrooms and playground, both accessible to disabled students! Community leaders, local businesses, and community organizations, as well as the PTO, continue to work diligently to enhance and improve the overall experience of the students at the school and to make Hall Fletcher a model of excellence in Asheville and in our state.

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Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Jessica March 23, 2014

    I go to lunch with my 6 year old quite often to observe the food at Buncome County. I am pleased with the options. Lots of salads, local veggies, fresh fruit and whole grain buns or wraps. I have eaten it myself. It is on the bland side because they do not add salt. Which is good, I guess but leaves a little for the taste buds


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