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Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Chef Owen McGlynn/ photo courtesy of Asheville Proper

Steak is making a comeback in Asheville.

The latest evidence: Chef Owen McGlynn, who formerly served as executive chef of Storm Rhum Bar in Asheville for eight years, has announced that he plans to open a new steakhouse inside the Grove Arcade next year. Asheville Proper will be located in Suite 151 of the Page Avenue mixed-use center.

McGlynn, with his wife, Mindi, and their business partners, Mercy and Russell Joseph, say their new restaurant is “an unconventional approach to the classic American steakhouse.”

Cooked on a custom, live-fire grill, the a la carte menu will include various cuts of meat. The New York strip, cowboy ribeye, double-cut pork chop and porterhouse for two are a few examples, according to a news release. Side dishes will showcase the same live-fire flavor for offerings such as smashed fingerlings, whipped potatoes and flamed brussels sprouts. Look for charred pickled shrimp, smoked cauliflower and embered squash soup for small-plate dishes.

McGlynn plans to use locally sourced ingredients from area farms, including Hickory Nut Gap, Apple Brandy Beef, Brasstown Beef and Abundant Seafood.

“I look forward to showcasing how fun and delicious it is to cook over a flame powered by wood,” McGlynn said in a news release. “It’s truly an art form that deserves to be shared.”

Asheville, widely known for a variety of amazing food offerings, also has a reputation for valuing vegan and vegetarian foods. The the classic steakhouse, meanwhile, has faded from the scene.

But back in October, Asheville food writer and food tour guide Stu Helm noticed a reappearance of steak on local menus and wrote about it. In a piece titled Steak! It’s Makin’ a Come Back!”, Helm wrote about some of his favorite steak bites.

“And when I posted the statement ‘Steak is making such a big comeback in Asheville,’ to my personal Facebook page, I got a lot of great recommendations for steaks around town,” Helm wrote. Those steak recommendations included Storm Rhum Bar, Daphne at Twisted Laurel, The Greenhouse, Benne on Eagle, Table, Sovereign Remedies, The Woodfire Grille, Bouchon, Bone & Broth, and Post 25 in Arden, and others.

The Asheville Proper team say they plan to make their new steakhouse a homey place. They’ll be working with Ashley Diggelmann on an interior design inspired by the quintessential Art Deco style that surrounds them in the Grove Arcade. Marble accents and flooring permeate through the open floor plan, according to a news release, while alabaster walls create a clean, soft palate and  wood elements add an organic touch. An eclectic mix of 1920-inspired lighting will overlook upholstered dining chairs and velvet banquettes.

From left, Russell and Mercy Joseph, who are partners in the new Asheville Proper restaurant planned at the Grove Arcade with Mindi and Owen McGlynn./ photo courtesy of Asheville Proper

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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