Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 10.50.16 AMThe Asheville Area Arts Council is morphing again as it continues to recover from a 2009 shake-up that almost shut the arts nonprofit down for good. Kitty Love, the organization’s executive director, told me the group will move out of its high-profile office at Pink Dog Creative studios in the River Arts District by the end of the year.

Love said the group is on track with a balanced budget and simply had to cut back expenses. The balanced budget will hopefully mean a return of grant funding from state arts officials, Love said.

The Arts Council moved into the Pink Dog offices in 2011 have going almost two years without a public face in the community. In 2009, the Arts Council lost its executive director and several board members, and sold off its gallery on Biltmore Avenue to pay off debt.

Next up for the Arts Council is its annual Color Ball, its big annual fundraising event. It will be held at its gallery/office at Pink Dog Creative, and will include music, an art auction and much more. The color for this year is emerald.



  1. CraveRecords says:

    Last year, the ball was the same night as Brewgrass. This year, it’s the same night as Pride. Kitty Love continues to show her arrogance and planning at the highest level possible. Community collaboration means zilch to this woman and it shows.

    • Let’s see you try to plan an event that doesn’t conflict with anything else going on in Asheville.

    • What an arrogant response. I guess you know what you are looking for. What fall weekend night would you pick, oh wise one?

      • CraveRecords says:

        Well, indie, I’d move it back to June and involve a larger group of connected community members (rather than the people I just personally favor) for the planning and execution. If it stays in fall, there are no major events planned for September 14 or pretty much any weekend in November.

        Kitty said several years ago she wasn’t interested in an fundraising event that would draw in members of the community and introduce them to local artists. She sees the color ball as something that should be affordable for working artists, which is admirable. I just think room for both exists — it certainly did at the height of the Color Ball’s heyday.

  2. Any idea where the new offices/space will be located?

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