UPDATED Word on the street: It will be Turner vs. Moffitt in 2014 election epic clash

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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brian_turner_2013UPDATED: A UNC Asheville spokesman confirms that Brian Turner, UNC Asheville’s assistant vice chancellor for corporate and foundation relations, has resigned. His last day of employment was Nov. 18. His salary was $79,800, the spokesman said.

ORIGINAL POST on Nov. 6: Word on the street is that the likely challenger to Republican N.C. Rep. Tim Moffitt of Asheville, a controversial figure for many, will be Brian Turner, a UNC Asheville assistant vice chancellor for corporate and foundation relations. As I said in an opinion piece earlier this week, I think this is the race that will have as much impact on Asheville as any City Council race, given the past year’s actions by the General Assembly. It’s going to be an expensive race, and it likely could will be hotly contested.

I don’t know much about Turner, but am reaching out to talk with him. I’ve met him a couple of times in connection with his role with Leadership Asheville. More as I get it.

What little I get from LinkedIn: Previous jobs include the Business Design Group, Mills Manufacturing Corp., MTV Networks. His education includes a degree from Wake Forest University’s Babcock Graduate School of Management.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Dmitri Raveninoff November 21, 2013

    Just in case anyone was wondering:

    It’s obvious that ‘Politics Watcher’ is Michael Muller, local GOP ne’er-do-well and employee of Tim Moffitt.

    I think it helps to add context to this poster’s statements.

  2. Sammy The Snake November 21, 2013

    Tim Moffit should be banned from this state

  3. Doug Cegelis November 20, 2013

    “Why would the Democrats run a political novice…” Frankly that’s just how weak and pathetic the GOP has become. It won’t take more than a competent challenge to topple the nutjobs like Moffitt on the throne at the moment. Thank the Tea Party.

  4. Politics Watcher November 9, 2013

    Why would the Democrats run a political novice, with no campaign or elective experience, against a tough and seasoned GOP incumbent? Are there any veteran Democrats, possibly with campaign experience and who have held local elective office, living in District 115?

    1. Nate November 21, 2013

      Remind me of how much legislative experience Moffitt had when he won election for the first time three years ago, please. If the Dems had gone with someone experienced, “watchers” like you would have just kibitzed with, “Why didn’t they go with someone fresh and untainted by previous association with ________?”


    2. Big Al November 21, 2013

      “Why would the Democrats run a political novice, with no campaign or elective experience…”

      Does this not describe Senatorial candidate Barack Hussein Obama? Clearly, for Democrats at least, charisma and charm trump experience and skill.

    3. Jeff Penley December 8, 2013

      You know Moffit’s worried when his operatives begin to leave messages under a psuedoname. Or is that really you Tim….

  5. Sam S November 9, 2013

    Had the opportunity to meet Brian last night, very impressed. I’m in !

  6. Tim Peck November 8, 2013

    “This race could be one of the most important for NC, and Asheville specifically, in a long time…”

    Agreed. Who can get more done for the people of Western North Carolina? The next Speaker of the House…or a freshman backbencher from the powerless minority party?

    And by the way, Moffitt being Speaker of the House doesn’t depend on Tillis beating Hagan, Raveloff. Speaker Tillis isn’t running for re-election to the NC House so he won’t be in the General Assembly next year.

  7. Tim Peck November 7, 2013

    What about Jane Whilden?

  8. Jami November 7, 2013

    Brian is very active with the United Way and has been involved with other community interests. His family has been an enormous supporter of many local interests for years.

    I’m not sure about his political involvement, but he’s an incredibly smart, charismatic, and trustworthy person. I think he makes a fantastic candidate. Aside from his talents, he has deep North Carolina roots.

  9. js November 7, 2013

    Brian contributed to the work of Asheville’s United Way in 2009 and can be seen at the beginning and end of their outreach video from that year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5VBENdmUw0

  10. Dmitri Raveninoff November 7, 2013

    This race could be one of the most important for NC, and Asheville specifically, in a long time. Moffitt is set to be the next Speaker of the House if Tillis is able to beat Hagan for a seat in the Senate.

  11. Yo November 7, 2013

    Brian Turner is a great guy and will be terrific representative.

  12. Sam S November 6, 2013

    A challenge to Moffitt, is a cause worth fighting for, I am behind you 150%

  13. Politics Watcher November 6, 2013

    What political experience does Brian Turner have? Has he been active in local Democratic Party affairs?

  14. Grumpy-reader November 6, 2013

    He is, without a doubt, the best candidate we can put forward. He will kick Moffitt’s ass. He has brains, talent, temperament, moxie and a deft blend of business and creative-economy experience. And he shaves every day, which is way better than Moffitt’s Cinjades’s-approved five-day stud stubble.

    1. JT November 8, 2013

      As if his politics aren’t slimy enough, that training-wheels-stubble that Moffitt rocks has always freaked me out.


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