deschutes_brewery_logo_2015An Atlanta-based beer writer tweeted that Oregon-based Deschutes Brewery, which has been eyeing Asheville as a possible location for its East Coast brewery, has indeed chosen Asheville as its location. But Deschutes on Twitter today said that it has not made up its mind.

Here you go:

Austin Louis Ray tweets:

Someone with knowledge of the deal told me tonight that Deschutes is opening their east coast location in Asheville.

Which is great! I look forward to visiting and having Deschutes whenever I want. But I wish Georgia lawmakers would let us compete already.

Here’s the Deschutes tweet:

we have not secured a location & a decision has not been made at this point. We are still looking at several locations 🙂

According to Ray’s website, he’s a beer writer of some note:

Oh, hello. I’m Austin. I’ve written for places like Rolling Stone, BeerAdvocate, Vulture, Creative Loafing, Good Beer Hunting, The A.V. Club, Oxford American, First We Feast, Garden & Gun, All Music Guide, and SPIN.

I live in Atlanta with my wife and two dogs, working for an amazing company by day and other folks by night and weekend. I also write The Georgia Brewsletter. I like weird beer, black t-shirts with white print, stand-up comedy, pit bulls, fancy socks, and nice people.

Deschutes has said that Asheville is on its short list of East Coast locations, along with Greenville and Charleston in South Carolina. The Asheville Citizen-Times reported earlier this year that the brewery was checking out a potential site/land that Buncombe County commissioners had purchased specifically for an economic development project.



  1. The guy who originally tweeted this rumor has somewhat retracted his tweet.

    Hopefully this “rumor” doesn’t kill AVL’s chances.

  2. This would be IN-CRED-IBLE!!!!!! 🙂

  3. lazy reporting. Not true. won’t know til year end. lazy, lazy, lazy…..

    • Disagree. If Jason does nothing but share a post based on a Tweet, that’s pretty lazy. If he shares a rumor, is honest about it being a rumor, and works on confirmation, that’s not lazy. It’s how independent journalists freed from the conventions of the newsroom operate when given the kind of freedom Jason has as an indie newsblogger. He’s now shared with the public that a source that seems reliable claims confidence that the deal is done. While reports like this are not always true, in my experience they are always worth listening to.

    • Jason always seems to get the scoop whenever it comes to new breweries. I know a ton of people in the beer and brewing industry and sometimes he finds out before them!

  4. Matt Popowski says:

    Per Deschutes’ response tweet, no decision has been made.
    @DeschutesBeer: @austinlouisray there has been no decision made on where we will open a new facility yet. Hoping to make a decision by the end of the year.

  5. Very cool! The whole concept of Napa Valley for beer is coming along really well. Being able to visit Asheville and get to all of these great breweries in one trip will be awesome.

  6. I’m so over “Beer City.” It was fun for a while but now….yawn.

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