kmart_on_hendo_2013Rumors have been flying for months that the Publix grocery store chain will come to the Kmart shopping center on Hendersonville Road in south Asheville. Word on the street is that a decision could be made Aug. 1, which is Thursday.

Earlier this month, the Asheville Citizen-Times reported that the Kmart on Hendersonville Road would be closed to make way for a new retail development. No word yet on tenants. Stay tuned.

I reported back in April that Publix was scouting Asheville. That followed the September 2012 news that Publix was planning to open a new store in Charlotte and was planning to expand aggressively into North Carolina.

Of course, all this is swirling as three new grocery stores are under construction in Asheville: Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter on Merrimon; Katuah Market near Biltmore Village. A new Whole Foods will be built on Tunnel Road after demolition at that former Kmart site it complete.



  1. Well, my brother texted me tonight that it’s all true – they have the story on WLOS and the Citizen-Times. Can’t wait!

  2. weavervilleman says:

    OFFICIAL NEWS: Publix is the tenant going there

  3. I thought that Rusty Pulliam was going to tell today who had signed the lease on the Kmart plaza in Skyland.

  4. Put it between TJ’s and the HT on Merrimon, Chestnut will already become unusable anyway once those two stores open.

  5. weavervilleman says:

    South florida publix managers have confirmed that publix owns property in asheville, weaverville, and black mountain.

  6. wait for it……..

    bring it on………

  7. Maybe Merrimon is a good fit. The definitely have the infrastructure and the road can more then handle the number of cars. LOL

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