bra_2015Asheville High School’s principal announced Thursday that female students are required to wear bras as part of the school’s dress code, an Ashvegas reader reports. The announcement was made in the morning over the school’s intercom system and immediately triggered various reactions, according to the reader. (I have not yet confirmed this with the school system.)

Some parents don’t mind the underwear requirement, while other parents believe it’s wrong to single out girls in such a way, according to the Ashvegas reader, who is a parent.

The Asheville City Schools dress code can be found here. It says nothing about requiring underwear such as bras.

The Asheville Citizen-Times on Thursday published a report (paywall) by Julie Ball stating that the Asheville City School system is considering a new dress code for teachers. The story quoted Principal Best as saying the code for professional dress came out of talks about expectations for teachers after she took over as principal last year.




“Ours is not any elaborate dress code. The men are wearing collared shirts. No jeans, because we felt that as professionals we should be set apart from students,” Best told the newspaper.

It’s unclear if Best is has underwear requirements for teachers.




  1. Wouldn’t it be fun if the students staged a little protest? Maybe wear crazy outlandish bras on the outside of their clothing. Every day. 😉

  2. Asheville Mom says:

    If it was obvious enough for the Principal to notice then something should have been said. I’m sure she did not single out one student and make an announcement to the whole school. Women of all ages have a right to make decisions on whether or not they choose to wear bras or not. But lets be honest, women are over sexualized. Women must fight for the right to breastfeed their children in public. It is the world we live in. Have you seen the commercials on TV? Movies, magazine covers, dolls, video games, music… Women are degraded.

    Let the Principal do her job. She’s trying the best she can to keep hundreds of kids in line so they can learn and be the best they can. It has nothing to do with should or shouldn’t women wear bras; it has everything to do with living in the world WE created. Lets start in our own homes and clean up our acts before we slam someone else who is only trying to help our kids.

  3. It’s no wonder this country is morally bankrupt,

  4. Interesting. Looking at all of the articles on the first page of this blog and you see no more than 4 or 5 comments. Most don’t have any at all.

    But an article about female breasts gets more than two dozen comments.


  5. I am a student a Asheville high school and I haven’t his to say. The a majority of the junior and senior femal class this year will not be allowed to wear their prom dresses to prom because of this dress code. The prom will be a bust so many young girls who spent a fortune ( maybe parents money) on their dresses. And if you have an AHS child even if they are male check you home voice mail from and you will here the dress code as she says it is.

  6. Ah yes. Can imagine it now Home-room inspection every morning. Enforcement is going to be a real problem as the principal tries to define what a bra is and what sort of bra is legal – perhaps where the young lasses will have to shop?

    And while they’re at it, suppressing provocative dress, one assumes all the lads will be keeping their shirts on in the gym and on the field.

    • The only way the issue could become that convoluted and over complicated is if it were brought before the City Council.

  7. Derp Derpy says:

    Principal should worry more about the kids constantly robbing other kids in the bathrooms and after school.

  8. jason patton says:

    Wow, this reminds me of McCarthy and one of the darkest parts of our shared heritage (the 1950s).

    Here is the video that would help educate the principal.

    Peace and blessings my kind fellow citizens. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

  9. Hmmm….well, I thought we fought this fight back when I was in high school (1969-1972)…we quit wearing bras BACK THEN…of course, we’re all old gals now so we started wearing them again because we don’t want to scare small children. But why do we continue this “full circle” thing on so many social issues? I’m a tad confused. But, hey, it’s not my fight anymore. So you folks have at it.

    • Students were told it’s because the boys are distracted by the girls not wearing bras.

      Awareness of hormones is fine.

      Stunned to hear a woman telling young women they have to be responsible for boys/young men controlling their hormones.

      Great job teaching young men that THEY can control their actions.

      Where’s the YWCA when you need them?.

  10. Uniforms across the board for all grades.

  11. Ryan Halas says:

    Assuming this did in fact happen, I think it is interesting that the young women’s (and female bodied people’s) bodies are being sexualized to such an extent by school administration that they are mandating their bodies be forcibly constrained— because that is one of the key functions of a bra, to constrain. Sometimes that function is helpful to women, sometimes not. But in either case it seems clear to me that female-bodied people are the ones best positioned to make that determination. Whereas school administration seems like a particularly poorly-situated group to make that decision. Since, in so doing they seem to be implying that female-bodied people should have their bodies regulated. Most likely to discourage male-perpetrated violence and aggression. If this is indeed what they are trying to limit (it’s an obvious point I know) shouldn’t they be talking to the men? In whatever case, I’ve never seen unrestrained breasts do any harm by themselves, and this regulation seems more than a little regressive and repressive (restrictive) toward female-bodied people.

  12. The Asheville City Schools dress code can be found here. It says nothing about requiring underwear such as bras.

    Except maybe where it prohibits a “provocative” appearance. I don’t need to spell it out, right? We are talking about high school boys as the ones potentially being “provoked”.

    I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s my guess of what they’ll fall back on if pressed. Maybe they should instead focus on teaching boys how not to be unduly “provoked” by the way a girl is dressed. But that’s a Sisyphusian task, I know…

  13. What’s up with this photo in this article? It’s not even fashioned on correctly and hanging by one hook…

  14. are you kidding me? it’s a shame teachers have to teach kids what their parents couldn’t? wow surprise, women have nipples. shocker, I know. i hope the kids respond my never wearing bras again. new flash: this generation of women is done being put down and sexualized without consent. fuck your dress code.

    • I’m sure you’re a lovely woman who exudes class. I bet you’re a lot of fun after a few drinks too. Are you the “lady” who shared her experience of getting laid on a conference table in the BB&T building?

    • Yeah, Summers is right. My apologies. And that girl’s name was Julie anyway.

      • Half-assed apology from a half-assed human.

        • You’re still a little pecker head Chris. Go play with your boyfriend.

          • And a raving homophobe, to boot! You’re a real class act, Harry.

            How does it feel to be on the losing side of, well, pretty much everything, Harry?

          • Oh trust me. I don’t fear you. I just find you distasteful.

          • Didn’t answer my question. You see your world slipping away, and all you have left is ranting and raving in an online forum about high school girls’ bras.

            When you are gonna actually DO something, Harry? Stand up and be counted?

            Isn’t it about time you took a stand against this raging sea of moral turpitude?

          • It’s your world that’s slipping away Chris. I’ve already lived a full and productive life, raised successful children, and have the resources to do as I please for whatever time I have left. Just a guess on my part, but I bet you will end up a slave to the government and will never know how it feels to be truly free. You’ll live out your days as an angry liberal living in a country in perpetual outrage. Enjoy it, for you’ve certainly earned it.

      • Seriously, WTF are you even talking about, Harry? Your mental configuring of the world is fucking hilarious, and just monstrously un-real.

        So, let me get this right.

        What you are essentially saying is that “I have found that ranting in forums about high school girls’ bras is an appropriate use of my time and energy.” You are the epitome of what the conservative class wants of a good drone. No futher ambition apart from harboring a simmering rage against… SOMEONE. And so proud of your own accomplishments that you feel absolutely no obligations to do anything else. So I ask again, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO about the decay of your golden country, Harry? Or are you a coward? Have some courage of your convictions, if you have any convictions that are actually your own and not manufactured wholesale from someone else’s thoughts.

        What’s amazing is just how utterly clueless you are. You still think calling someone a homosexual is an insult fer crissakes! Pathetic! You’re like a grown man that never left high school.

        And WTF is this “Just a guess on my part, but I bet you will end up a slave to the government and will never know how it feels to be truly free.”

        That has to be the most skullf*ckingly stupid thing I’ve read in a forum that’s not The Blaze. Srsly, Harry.

  15. Unleash women leave their minds and bodies alone

  16. Debra Moon says:

    This is a double standard and not only is unfair to girls but reinforces antiquated sexist viewpoints. Let’s start a dialogue and allow space for a true discussion. Ms Best is misguided.

  17. UPDATE:
    I principal of the high school called me this morning. Evidently this was regarding some girls wearing spaghetti straps that barely covered them. The issue was them going against the dress code and wearing the spaghetti straps. The principal miss spoke and said they could not be wearing that without a bra. What she really meant was they could not be wearingspaghetti straps and mostly having their breasts hanging out. I do appreciate her phone call and the information. I also suggested that in the future she put out her own public statement on either the website or via email so these things do not get blown out of proportion. It seems even teachers were questioning her decision. I must say I am very impressed with the fact that she called me immediately upon receiving my email.

  18. It’s a shame that the principal is having to teach what the parents apparently couldn’t.

    • What, to wear bras? Bras should not be a requirement. I wonder how long this kind of requirement would last if they made overweight men wear them as well.

    • did your parents not teach you that women have nipples? is this a shock to you? maybe you’re the one who should go back to school.

    • I’m sure you’ll be the first in line to check to see if the girls are complying. Who is required to wear UNDERWEAR anyways?! Studies even show bras are harmful and underwear my be just as harmful too; if you ever bothered to google. But because you think it’s “normal” because it’s just something YOU’VE always done, you feel the need to believe EVERYONE should be just like you and like and wear underwear too.

      Because, like clothes aren’t enough to cover the body?!

    • My mother always told me to wear a bra, and I did for a very long time until I did some research and found that bras are actually unhealthy and could potentially be a cause for breast cancer, so I decided to stop wearing them. What a girl decides to wear (or not wear in this case) UNDERNEATH her clothes is absolutely NOT your concern. Breasts are NATURAL and bras are not, why don’t you kindly go fuck off somewhere?

    • AHS student says:

      if teaching women to cover their bodies to conform to a baseless societal norm is what you think a good parent does, I pray for your children. I understand that exuding a certain level of respect for education is expected, and I adhere to this principle. The fact that I may go bra less in no way lessens my respect for both my educators and this free government service I have been offered. Please take into account that breasts are natural. I urge you to let go of you inhibitions when it comes to breasts. I will handle them in whatever way I see fit in consideration to my comfort as both a woman and a human being.

    • luther blissett says:

      And what would that be, Harry? Don’t be coy.

      • Class, self respect, and modesty to start with. You know, things progressives don’t teach their children.

        • TheRealWorld says:

          Harry – Well,it may be that some parents aren’t teaching the qualities you mentioned. However, (remembering back to my high school time)in other cases, the young ladies leave the house dressed a certain way but then change when they get too school.

          In my era the style was hip hugger pants and slightly short T tops or sweaters so just a bit of belly skin was showing. Many Mom’s did not approve so we would just put on a blouse and tuck the other top in our bag and change at school. Worked like a charm.

          I’m going to guess that is what’s happening here.

          • I don’t know. I’d like to believe that it’s just occasional rebellious behavior, but I see way too many parents walking around with kids that are dressed like hobo’s and sluts. Doesn’t give me much hope for the future. I’m certainly not a prude, but I know that it’s entirely possible for a young lady to be attractive and dress as such without looking like a slut.

        • Funny.

          My daughter asked for one early on.

          Exactly what do we not teach?

          Oh, never mind. This “progressive”(if you’re insistent on throwing around labels) attends a conservative Christian church.

          Maybe there’s hope for some of us.

          • This progressive thinks the school principal is spot on.

            I would prefer school uniforms, but a dress code is a good start.

        • luther blissett says:

          “Class, self respect, and modesty to start with.”

          And what exactly do mandatory bras for young women have to do with that? Really, Harry, you’re just insinuating here. Please spell out whatever scrap of logical thought might lie behind it.

          • Are you really this dumb, or are you just acting?

          • luther blissett says:

            How about you pretend that I’m dumb, and I pretend that you have a logical argument here?

            Is a chador with no bra immodest? Salwar kameez? Burkha? Would LDS temple garments with no bra be immodest? Does the halter dress of this Canadian teenager (with bra) set off your immorality police siren, or does it just send you into the bathroom for a few minutes of “private time”?

          • TheRealWorld says:

            luther – in fact, Harry is right. What is most unfortunate is that it requires an explanation.

            If it’s not obvious, let me describe why the young ladies take their bras off. It is to make themselves seem more wild and sexually appealing to the boys. And we all know what teen boys are thinking about 1000 times a day. It is bound to create some issues a school shouldn’t have to spend time dealing with.

            I maintain what I described above. Most likely the parents don’t know the girls have removed their bras. They need to put ’em on and focus on learning.

          • luther blissett says:

            TheRealWorld — I have a reply in moderation because it includes a link.

            What Harry appears to be saying (though he’s not willing to say it outright) and what you are saying is that the burden of responsibility falls upon young women to refrain from tempting the poor uncontrollable young men with their devils’ cupcakes. Harry is probably locked up in the restroom right now fighting off his temptation.

            I wonder about his opinion on young women who wear the chador or burkha or salwar kameez (or LDS garments, for that matter).

          • Ok Luther. So you really are that dumb. Of course the young men need to exercise self control and should be held accountable for their actions. They should be taught by their parents to respect themselves and others, and to show some class. The young women should not be permitted to wear provocative clothing or put themselves on display. This is common sense that eludes most progressive minds. I sure hope you don’t have a daughter. If you do, she was probably pregnant at 14.

          • luther blissett says:

            “This is common sense that eludes most progressive minds.”

            Oh, Harry, you don’t even have the courage of your own reactionary convictions.

            You still haven’t told us what you think of young women wearing what’s considered ‘modest’ dress to Muslims, or Mormons, or to the Amish? Is a burkha without a bra sufficiently unprovocative to you?

            There was a young Canadian women who was recently suspended from her high school for wearing a long halter top dress with a bra. Apparently, shoulders and collar bones are deemed immodest in New Brunswick.

            See, what Harry thinks is some universal standard of ‘class’ is very much culturally-specific, and if you’re Harry, that culture is somewhere around 1953 when women Knew Their Place.

            For what it’s worth, I think school uniforms are a good idea, for class-based reasons that have nothing to do with Harry’s retrograde sensibility. Uniforms mean that students aren’t trying to one-up each other with designer labels or bullying poorer students because they can’t afford fancy clothes. But I don’t see why schools should operate underwear patrols, unless they’re private schools run by nuns with sticks.

          • Oh Luther. Schools have had dress codes forever that spell out what’s appropriate for young men and women to wear while attending school. We’re not discussing religion based garb. That’s not even part of this issue.

            This is a very simple matter. Girls, put on a bra to come to school. We shouldn’t even need to debate this. But that doesn’t fit with your “I’m ok. You’re ok. Everybody do whatcha like” mentality. Does it? Blithering idiot.

          • luther blissett says:

            “We’re not discussing religion based garb.”

            You’re the one who brought “class” and “modesty” and “self-respect” into the discussion, which means you’re passing moral judgement on young women who don’t strap down Satan’s Muffins, so it’s more or less the same. You’re also calling them sluts. Which is nice of you.

            And if you think that uniforms can’t be made “provocative” to old lecherous scolds like yourself, then I suppose it’s time to introduce you to Britney Spears and the 1990s.

        • Watching Fox News? The world does not fall into only two categories. Both self identified progressives and conservatives often fail at teaching their children many things. I do not see how this is a progressives versus conservatives issue.

  19. and what happens if they do not…

  20. Awesome! I guess this means the teachers can now stare at girls’ chests to try and determine if they’re wearing a bra. Yup, that sounds like a good idea. Certainly an important use of time for the administration. Oh, but I guess a girl not wearing a bra might disrupt a boy’s ability to learn. I don’t see any mention of banning Axe. Goodness knows THAT interrupts EVERYONE’s ability to learn. I remember the hot guy in school interrupted my ability to learn. Maybe they should have made him put a bag over his head, so I wouldn’t be distracted. Sounds like is a sexual harassment suite waiting to happen.
    Parent” How did you determine my daughter wasn’t wearing a bra?”
    Teacher” I could tell by looking at her nipples”

  21. Elvis Presley Costello says:

    Teacher! leave them kids alone

  22. I’m appalled for what I hope are obvious reasons. This is wrong on so many levels.

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