Bangin’ Chains: Disc golf doubles round-up at Black Mountain DGC

Lurphy DePalma

Larry Halstead is a tech nerd with an affinity for arts & sports. Reppin' the hard streets of South Asheville for almost 15 years. He's made this city home and has vowed to never stop fighting to keep it as weird & unique as possible.

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Howdy do Asheville! Welcome to the Disc Golf Report. This time I head east to the neighboring town of Black Mountain to sample some local doubles and far too much river water.

At first glance (you can see it from the interstate), the disc golf course at the Black Mountain recreation park is… unassuming. Most of the shots are only about 150 feet on the front 9, and while the back creates more distance, it’s essentially in an open field with little to no obstacles. BUT, then you play it and realize you were a dick to not show this course the OG-level of respect it deserves.

Yeah it’s not the biggest course, but it’s got plenty of fight. The front plays like big-boy putt putt. A short layout with extremely tight lines that will reward the bold and punish the posers. For example #2, (personal favorite) is a meager 184 feet from the tee. You can clearly see the basket just ahead of you. For a righty, it’s a soft and light backhanded approach, nothing more than a little toss right? Wrong, because if you go left, right, high, or low and miss the window, then I hope you brought your Keens, ’cause you’re in the mighty Swannanoa river, my friend. The whole course is like that, riddled with OB’s and mandos, brutal and unforgiving. But don’t take my word for it: check out the video below to get a look at the course for yourself.

Huge congrats to River Dave Kenny for hitting that ACE on #4 at the end of the video, it was completely badass. My only regret is that it was slightly out of frame. For hitting the ACE, River Dave got to take home a crisp $100 bill (a stack of filthy crumpled up $1’s), as is ACE Pool tradition at most WNCDGA events.

As for the rest of the tournament, aside from the usual river and tall-grass disc recovery efforts, things went along smoothly. And per usual, there were some very solid rounds put together. The best part of the course is definitely the technical aspect. It really forces you to stop and consider finely tuned approach vectors off the tee box, rather than just slinging for distance and hoping you hit the ball park. It’s one thing to launch a disc like a reckless beast and have it travel long distance. But it’s pure skill that allows you to combine distance and accuracy to toss an educated disc. It’s here we truly find the meat of disc golf.

[URIS id=49276]

As for the glorious victors, there can only be one… team… of two. And this week, that distinct honor goes to the WNCDGA’s very own – River Dave Kenny (Tournament Director) & Tyler O2D2 Wooddy (President). Big Ups to the champs with a not so shabby score of 40 (par is 54).


Winners River Dave & O2D2 looking majestic as fuck.

Full Breakdown of this weeks cash winners:

1st with 40 River Dave/ O2D2
2nd with 40 Evan/ Sheehan
3rd with 40 Pauly / Monster
4th with 41 Leif/ Shorty
5th with 42 AJ/ Hooks
Josh Kleinman – Lookout Brewing CTP winner

As a bonus this week, I tried my hand at time-lapsing the “Lookout Brewery – Closest to the Pint” competition.

Talk about IMPRESSIVE! Last week (I wasn’t doing coverage that week), local golfers Monster & Lee Reading shot the “PISGAH PERFECT ROUND!” If you’ve never heard of it, the “Pisgah Perfect Round” is a $400 gift certificate to Pisgah Brewing awarded to any team able to shoot a 36 (18 under par) during a doubles tournament at the Black Mountain course. Way to go guys! Congrats and enjoy the beer.


Monster & Lee – Pisgah Perfect Round winners! “The secret to throwing a perfect round at Black Mountain is a young lefty with distance & an old man that can putt.” – Lee Reading

And finally, some breaking news about a weekend blowout disc golf camping event right here in Asheville (or Woodfin). Word coming from the WNCDGA is that they’re racing to set up a course on an amazing piece of private property where they will be hosting the three-day party over Memorial Day weekend. More details as they come in, but here is what we’ve heard for now:

What: WNC Disc Golf Association Memorial Day Weekend DG Extravaganza Club Fundraiser, featuring doubles, singles, glow (night), CTP, Ring of Fire & distance competitions.

When: May 22nd – 24th, 2015

Where: White Rose Ln, Woodfin NC

Cost: $35 (includes lunch)

For more information, head on over to the WNC Disc Golf Association facebook page.

Well that’s all I got for this one. Catch ya next time on the Disc Golf Report.

Lurphy DePalma

Larry Halstead is a tech nerd with an affinity for arts & sports. Reppin' the hard streets of South Asheville for almost 15 years. He's made this city home and has vowed to never stop fighting to keep it as weird & unique as possible.

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  1. Kevin May 31, 2015

    Please email me, I need to ask you a quick question about a post from a few years back.

  2. Lurphy DePalma May 20, 2015

    Thanks for the disc golf love Pisgah Brewing. You guys are awesome!

  3. Pisgah Brewing Company May 18, 2015

    Congrats Monster & Lee! We look forward to seeing you guys out at the brewery raising some pints with us!


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