mission_health_logoMission Health has been working quietly on big-time construction and expansion plans that appear to be coming together. Here’s what I understand is being discussed:

The plan, as it stands now, is to build two 16-story towers on the western side of Biltmore Avenue, or the Mission Hospital side. The towers would be built roughly where the MAHEC building stands now. Two stories would be underground, the other 14 above. At least one would be topped with a helicopter pad to service Mission’s air ambulance.

The towers would be home to Mission’s emergency room and surgeons – the expensive, invasive procedures. The plan is to eventually move all of the hospital’s operations to the old Mission Hospital side of the street. As most folks now, the hospital now is the result of a merger of two hospitals, Mission and St. Joe’s on either side of Biltmore Avenue. It is costly and time-intensive to move patients and employees between the two campuses, so the aim of the new construction is to consolidate.

This planning is for work that is still a few years down the road. But Mission is clearly making or nearing some big decisions now about its footprint in the community and its future operations.

This information has not been confirmed.

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  1. Media Watcher says:

    In light of the government’s recently released study showing wide disparities in charges among hospitals, is any media outlet here (MX, Citizen-Times) doing a comparative study of what the same procedures cost at Mission and other area hospitals? This would be valuable to health consumers.

  2. luther blissett says:

    Hospital administrators sure do love their cranes. But Mission’s on a… mission to gobble up everything it can in WNC, partly to stave off bigger hospital groups further east, partly because it means they can bill for specialist treatment at hospital rates. A shame that it’ll mean more out-of-pocket costs for patients, even those with insurance.

    • I think you nailed the reason for all this hospital expansion. For whatever reason, hospitals are allowed to bill much higher rates for the services otherwise offered at independent medical offices.

      This runup in the amount of money flowing through the healthcare business has all the hallmarks of a boom, and every boom is sooner or later followed by a bust. Hopefully all this construction won’t leave the area’s main medical facility saddled with huge debts it can’t pay back when the bubble bursts.

      • luther blissett says:

        Exactly. And a word to the wise: if you’re getting specialist treatment at one of Mission’s “affiliates”, avoid sticker shock by calling up ahead of time to see whether it’s going to be billed at hospital rates.

  3. Charming reply.

  4. “This information has not been confirmed.”

    But hey, why not post it anyway?

  5. They have business operations spread out all over town – may be a chance to consolidate those.

  6. The plans are to move operations to the Mission side of the campus … what will happen to the St. Joe side of things …

    • I have worked at Mission for 5 years and have always been told that the St. Joseph’s campus will become administrative offices and in-patient services (doctor’s offices, exam rooms) that require little or no interaction with the in-patient services across the street.

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