Kroger_2013Here’s the note from loyal reader r:

Is Kroger coming to AVL?  I got a “welcome to the neighborhood” mailer from them, though I’ve lived at this address two years.  Apparently bought a list as it had my name on it.  I called their customer service number but they were unable to learn anything.  In the ex-Lowes space maybe?

To clarify, the reader is talking about what may be next for the space that was once home to Harris Teeter on Hendersonville Road. The store became a Lowes grocery, but that closed in December.

Anyone have any insight?



  1. maggie dunn says:

    Please come to Asheville !!!!

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  3. Asheville. One day we are railing against chains (Urban Outfitters, Starbucks, Jimmy Johns) and the next day we are clamoring for them (Trader Joe’s, Nordstrom, Costco, Chipolte, Publix)

  4. No thank you.

  5. Yes Publix, Publix, Publix!

  6. Yes, Publix Please!!!

  7. Publix please!!!!!

  8. They shut down the one in Hickory forever ago and pretty much left the Western NC market. It’d be nice to have them back.

  9. Yes, they are going to put one between Greenlife and Trader Joes.

  10. It’d be ideal if they moved into the Food Lion in Fairview, which now has a ‘for sale’ sign out front.

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