Filming of the big Hollywood movie known as the Loomis Fargo film aka “unnamed armored car project” continued on Tuesday morning. The action centered on Pack Square, where the film crew prepped one truck with a ton of film gear, a truck that towed a Loomis Fargo armored car that was the subject of filming.

As a small crowd stood by, the film crew worked all morning to get everything set, then took off down Broadway. The filming continued on Riverside Drive in the River Arts District.




  1. Isn’t that the place where the police car fell off the bridge?

  2. boatrocker says:

    Jason S., you’re our only hope.
    (picture a blurry blue holograph of a girl with cinnamon buns).

    Overcome the advertising lack of funds and write some real newsy stuff here. It’s not like you can’t find a food truck to order food from for working overtime, if that exists. Other wise us posters will scare all the tourists away for complaining for real news! Or, write news stories about Hollywood kicking WNC locals out of their downtown home.

    You won’t make any $, but you will have the opportunity to avenge the whole Gannett Press thing, much like the Wolverines from “Red Dawn”.

    • “Or, write news stories about Hollywood kicking WNC locals out of their downtown home.”

      When and where did this happen?

      You cannot criticize Ashvegas for lack of “real journalism” when all you offer in response is vapid hyperbole.

      • boatrocker says:

        Uh, the fact that for 3 days large sections of downtown were blocked off and inaccessible to us lowly peasants? Hyperbole yes, as they are used to make a point.

        From my post that referenced Sanford’s statement that advertising costs won’t let him bring real news to the table, it hopefully is clear I don’t blame Ashevegas, but reserve a special place in hell for those that fawn over yet another famous guy in town.

        For real, if you think I’m making a big deal over nothing, go back and count all the famous guy sighting articles in the last 30 days- eyeroll worthy.

    • I come to this sight for what it is, Jason doesn’t bill this sight as anything other that what it is. I get my news from other sources, and my fun gossip/rumors/updates/etc. form this sight.

      It’s like criticizing the daily show for not being real news. It’s not his responsibility to feel your voids. If you want a hard hitting local news blog, start one!

      • ashevillain says:

        I personally think the site’s intentions are not so clear. It started out as a blog. The posts read like blog posts most of the time. They are certainly edited like blog posts (i.e. not very well.) You even say yourself it’s not “real news”…BUT…the word “news” is right in the logo at the top of the page!

        It’s not very clear what this site is, IMO.

    • I propose we all ignore this guy. He just posts obnoxious things on here daily, obsessively, and rarely says anything coherent. It brings the whole site down, imo.

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