The Ritz, decorated



  1. ashevillian, i think you're right. this may be the del cardo building. i'll check and correct.

  2. Great photo Jason! Especially if you click on the photo then click "Actions" then "View All Sizes" and view the largest size so you can see the portraits better.
    Art by muralist Ian Wilkinson
    Nice photos of installation at
    But this isn't the Ritz building, it's the Del Cardo building. The Ritz is the next building south on the same side of South Market Street. (However, I believe The Ritz restaurant may have been located years ago in the Del Cardo building, before it was in the building now known as the Ritz.)
    Thanks for the posting the photo!
    Scott Dedman

  3. this is so beautiful and inspirational. i fall more and more in love with the asheville community when i see projects like this happen. i also really like the picture.

  4. The Ritz is the building next door(to the left in this photo) to that one isn't it? At least that's where the Ritz Restaurant was.

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