New Dim Sum restaurant coming to downtown Asheville

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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This brightly lit space on the right side of the bottom floor of the Capital Center building in downtown Asheville will soon be home to a Dim Sum restaurant. Joe Scott, president of the Capital Center’s building association, tells me that he’s “delighted to have our building 100 percent occupied.” Joe said having a specialty restaurant in the building will allow the Capital Center’s event venue atop the building to have a great food service handy.

If it comes to fruition, the new restaurant will be a great addition to the food scene happening around the Capital Center location, which is close to the corner of Patton and Coxe. Addissae, Asheville’s first Ethiopian restaurant, is set to open any day now on Commerce Street (behind Thirsty Monk) and Kathmandu Cafe, Asheville’s Nepalese restaurant, is almighty delicious right there on Patton.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. big ugly November 19, 2014

    The deal is not done and Jason now has cursed it because he doesn’t know jack…

    1. Bill November 20, 2014

      What is wrong with you?

      1. big ugly November 20, 2014

        The deal is not done. It would be nice if Jason reached out to those who are working hard on it instead of spreading rumors.

        1. smytty November 20, 2014

          The President of the Building Association sounds like a pretty good authority. It isn’t Jason’s fault if the person was misinformed.

        2. Bill November 20, 2014

          Obviously Smytty is right….Jason QUOTED the pres of the building assoc. for goodness sake.

          Plus Jason has explained many times, this is a BLOG, not the New York Times.

          Can you really not understand the different standards that apply?

          Final Note: I wouldn’t usually waste time explaining this, but I just don’t get folks who give Jason a hard time.

          If you don’t like the info he provides, can’t you just stop reading his blog.

          I love the blog and will just say a hardy thanks to Jason!

          1. ashevillain November 20, 2014

            It’s actually not so clearly the BLOG that you think it is. He refers to what he does as “reporting” quite frequently and I’ve never once seen that he says he “blogged” ever.

            If this were so clearly a blog, I wouldn’t care about the content and I wouldn’t read it. But it’s not so clearly a blog. This site hovers in some middle ground between blog and news outlet and sometimes I personally just don’t like to see the misinformation that is posted here as fact.

            Blurred lines…

          2. Bill November 21, 2014

            I can’t believe I’m continuing this conversation, but in less than 5 seconds I found this quote from Jason’s “About+Contact” section found at the top of every page.

            “Since 2005, ASHVEGAS.COM is an independent news blog….”

            So it IS a blog. But it’s also news.

            But it’s NOT the NYT or a gossip column.

            I don’t have any problem understanding the middle ground it occupies. Maybe you do?

            Or maybe you understand, but are just uncomfortable with shades of gray.

            Do you ever have difficulty seeing things only in “black and white”. All or nothing? This happens to me sometimes, and I appreciate it when my friends point it out. Then I usually realize that my reaction is about ME….and not some guy who mentioned a restaurant will probably open.

            I mean this honestly…..why else would you have an emotional reaction to a simple quote/post about a possible restaurant coming to town.

            But ok, I’m done with this now.

            Good luck.

          3. Harry November 21, 2014

            “I mean this honestly…..why else would you have an emotional reaction to a simple quote/post about a possible restaurant coming to town.”

            Could be that someone is involved in getting this deal done and doesn’t want it in the public domain?

          4. smytty November 21, 2014

            Shouldn’t the frustration and/or outrage be centered on the person in authority that talked to Jason and gave him (I guess) erroneous information?

          5. Adrian November 26, 2014

            Bingo, smytty.

            If there is a problem with any of this information leaking into the public domain, the blame should rest squarely on the leaker…not on the individual or organization who publishes said info. Whether misinformed or correctly informed.

            And besides…the information given in the post is very non-specific. Perhaps intentionally so (if so, kudos to Jason for discretion). I see no restaurant name, owner names, dates, or any other specific or identifying information (unless I missed something terribly in this little post). If this post is capable of laying a big egg on any pending deal, there was not much hope for the deal in the first place.

            I also see a big “If it comes to fruition” in there. That would imply strongly to me that this is not set in stone yet anyway.


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