New adult summer camp, Summer X Camp, coming in September

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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This sounds cool. Press release here:

Summer X Camp, an all-new summer camp for adults featuring outlandish physical team challenges, nightly entertainment, and North Carolina brews, announces today open registration for their weekend of high-octane hilarity and adventure. Crafted and executed by the same minds behind Asheville’s Amazing Pubcycle and The Conundrum Escape Games, the goal of Summer X Camp is to bring back fun for grown-ups who want to challenge themselves, meet new friends, and enjoy a rejuvenating weekend filled with folly.

“We took a look at all the activities geared towards adults: obstacle course races, weekend retreats, summer camps, all of that, and we wanted something with more wow factor,” says Shawn Verbrugghe, Owner. “The weekend revolves around a friendly competition that ends in one team getting crowned ‘champions of summer’, but these challenges are far from normal. We work to defy the ordinary and aim to astonish people with engaging and goofy experiences. Once all the games are over for the day, we keep the fun rolling with local entertainment. We have a great lineup. It’s going to be the weekend of a lifetime.”

Combining a summer camp and sporty, festival-style atmosphere, Summer X Camp hosts oddball activities and games during the day alongside nightly shows featuring music and comedy with local beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drink tickets included in a weekend pass for ages 21 and up. Much like traditional sleep away camp, guests stay in cabins, tent sites are also available, and meals and snacks are included. Participants may purchase individual passes or book a whole cabin to form a team for the competition. Unlike a typical camp experience, campers are instructed to expect the unexpected with fun and games lasting all weekend long.

“The fun never stops,” explains Chase McNeill, Creative Director. “We’re giving campers the best in activities and premium entertainment. Our first night, we have a comedy show and a live band after the opening bonfire.” The I’m Proud of You variety show will perform their hilarious, offbeat comedy at the camp’s rec hall transformed into a weekend pub, and local favorites Jim Arrandell and the Cheap Suits will perform their unique hybrid of Motown, funk, and soul. “Saturday night we are doing a zany camper-run talent show and dance party, and that’s just the nighttime shows. Every day will be filled with unexpected interruptions that are all worth points to help each team. This is

like a school field day and a live comedy show in a blender. We’re pulling out all the stops.”

Verbrugghe’s other creative companies, the Amazing Pubcycle and Conundrum Escape Games, strive to create affordable fun for all ages, but Summer X Camp takes one more step. “This is the greatest culmination of everything we have ever done,” says Verbrugghe. “We know how to entertain, we know puzzles and games, and we know how to break people out of their shells to have a great time…we just want to make it as big and wacky as possible.”

About Summer X Camp:

Summer X Camp is a weekend sleep away camp for adults running this September 18-20th in Hendersonville, NC. Teams of four to eight compete during the daytime in fun, outlandish challenges to be crowned the champions of summer. Nightly social activities include live music, comedy, bonfires, and a camper run talent show. Food and local beer and wine are provided. Tickets are available at


Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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