Need American Idol audition tips? Asheville’s Caitlin Krisko has ’em

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Asheville vocalist Caitlin Krisko, at right, with singer Susan Tedeschi.

If you’re looking for American Idol audition tips, Caitlin Krisko is ready to help.

Krisko, who fronts the Asheville-based band The Broadcast, is a seasoned performer known for her powerful vocals who teaches vocal lessons through Asheville Music Academy. She’s offering two workshops in advance of the Aug. 27 auditions in downtown Asheville. The workshops, Aug. 19 and 20, cost $150 per person and promise top-notch advice from Krisko and other pros. (There’s an added bonus: anyone who takes Krisko’s workshop gets a VIP express pass, which puts them at the head of the audition line.?

Ashvegas recently caught up with Krisko to find out more about the American Idol advice she’ll be offering.

Q: Why are you offering this workshop?

Krisko: Asheville is such a warm community for young creatives to feel supported and uplifted, and I think we’ve learned that American Idol is not necessary like that. That might be a hard reality and a really traumatic experience for some people. I want people to feel at ease, so that’s why we’re offering the workshops.

Q: Have you ever been in a high-pressure audition before?

Krisko: Yes. I’ve auditioned for Broadway musicals, and I’ve played Broadcast shows where we’ve been told there’s someone scouting us for various reasons. I’ve definitely felt that pressure.

Q: Tell me a little bit more about your connection with Asheville Music Academy?

Krisko: The Broadcast had a great year with the release of our album From the Horizon last year, and that’s put us in a cool new position as a band where we’ve been able to play larger shows and play less frequently. That has allowed us to live more creatively fulfilled lives. I’ve wanted to teach private vocal lessons for a long time, because I credit mine with really teaching me. I just wanted a different experience with music and to give back, and I started teaching at the Asheville Music Academy in January. It’s been one of the most heart-filling experiences, and made me really grateful.

Q: What else can you tell me about your workshop?

Krisko: We’ve filled up one and we’ve almost full on the second. I’ve capped them at 10 students per workshop to be sure they get the personal attention they need. There is personal correspondence from me, asking about what song you want to sing. There will be a mock audition with mock judges who are some friends in the music industry. I have some other professionals, including an American Idol winner, who will be doing some video blogs and offering tips and their experience. We’ll talk about appropriate clothing to wear, warm-up techniques, and a few other things like that. The age cut-off is 27, but

Q: So what’s one of your best American Idol audition tips?

Krisko: My biggest recommendation is to create a space where you can focus and concentrate by yourself for about an hour before your audition.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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