Moogfest 2016 plans to announce first batch of performers on Tuesday

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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moogfest_2016The first batch of performers at Moogfest 2016 will be announced on Tuesday, according to an email sent to fans. See the note below. And IndyWeek is on the Moogfest beat, as well.

The folks at Asheville-based Moog Music Inc. announced earlier this year that it was moving the annual Moogfest party from Asheville to Durham. The announcement came after the 2014 edition of Moogfest, which was re-tooled to be a five-day event that explored the intersection of music, art and technology. Moog Music officials announced that the event lost more than $1 million and they sought significant sponsorship and local government support.

Moogfest arrived in Asheville in 2010 when Asheville-based Moog Music Inc. teamed up with promoter AC Entertainment to produce a big electronic dance music event at music venues across town. (The event was a small, New York-based tribute to electronic music pioneer Bob Moog, who lived and worked in Asheville, prior to 2010.)

In 2012, the Moog Music/AC Entertainment partnership ended, with AC Entertainment announcing it would produce its own EDM festival called Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit in 2013. Moog Music found a new promotion partner and produced a new Moogfest in April 2014. There was no Moogfest 2015.

Here’s the note:

Limited $200 Pre-sale Tickets Still Available!
Friends of Moogfest – We wanted to give you a head’s up that our first talent announcement will be coming out on Tuesday, December 8th! The last of the $200 pre-sale tickets are on sale now and moving fast. You can purchase a $200 pre-sale ticket here.

In addition to the line-up, we’ll also be releasing our additional ticket types on December 8th, including:

Festival Pass – $249

VIP Festival Pass – $499

Engineer VIP Festival Pass – $1,000

Moogfest is the synthesis of music, art and technology.

More about Moogfest:

Since 2004, Moogfest has brought together artists, futurist thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, scientists, and musicians.

By day, Moogfest is a platform for conversation and experimentation. This mind-expanding conference attracts creative and technology professionals for three days of participatory programming in Durham, North Carolina. Each evening, Moogfest presents cutting edge music in venues throughout the city. Performing artists include early pioneers in electronic music, alongside pop and avant garde experimentalists of today.

Moogfest is a tribute to Dr. Robert Moog and the profound influence his inventions have had on how we hear the world. Over the last sixty years, Bob Moog and Moog Music have pioneered the analog synthesizer and other technology tools for artists. This exchange between engineer and musician is celebrated with a unique festival format where the creative process is understood as a collaboration among many people, across time and space, in commerce and culture.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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    Thanks, but no thanks, Moog.


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