Ladies Arm Wrestling at Desoto Lounge in West Asheville was a crowd-pleaser

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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ladies_arm_wrestling_2013Last weekend, Desoto Lounge hosted a Ladies Arm Wrestling Tournament at its Haywood Road location in West Asheville. It was an epic event. A recounting, by Ashvegas contributor Jennifer Saylor:

Desot0 Lounge has done it again: for an affordable bluesbreaker that offers Asheville-style family fun (in a bar), this local tourney can’t be beat. (The Desoto is child-friendly until 6 p.m., and Saturday night’s winner was a mom with her son in tow.)

The Desoto staff takes its arm wrestling seriously, running tournaments as refereed double-elimination events with an arm-wrestling table, three refs, a whiteboard bracket and USAF rules complete with fouls awarded and forfeited matches. About 50 people packed the little bar, offering deafening cheers to house favorites and shows of spirit and prowess.

The all-ages crowd got bigger and louder, more people in Christmas getups arrived, and the matches got longer and tougher as the two-hour event progressed, with short breaks to re-work two brackets, drink, smoke, and drink some more. With early matches often over in a second or two, later matches became much more intense, with the howling crowd becoming deafeningly loud in the tiny ping-pong room.

Sixteen or so women entered as contestants, and only one came out on top: in the last match, undefeated arm-slammer Katy muscled her way to
a final victory over the once-defeated Lynn, leader of the loser’s bracket. Two more physically different Asheville women can hardly be imagined: one broad, heavy and short, the other rangy, tall and lean.

Congrats to Katy, who scored Sierra Nevada swag and a Desoto GC, and got to win a tournament in front of her son.

Follow Desoto on Facebook to learn about the next arm wrestling
tourney. It’s a great time.

Cover for this event was $3. Kids are welcome at Desoto before 6 p.m.



Flickr set

Katy the victor

Last seconds of Katy and Lynn in the final match


Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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