The organizers of the Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival said earlier this week they need to raise $10,000 to $15,000 to cover the costs of this year’s event and keep it going next year. Today, LAAFF organizers are publicly apologizing to vendors who are apparently upset about being posted in a parking lot on Rankin Avenue, up above the festival’s main drag on Lexington Ave. This is the first year the festival expanded to Rankin.

From LAAFF on Facebook:

To all of our vendors, artists, participants, supporters, I want to extend apologies from all of the LAAFF staff for any feelings of discontent. We recognize that as we try to grow to accommodate the demand, we sometimes get it wrong. We value and respect all of your input on things that work, things that don’t, and things that need to be changed. For our first time vendors who got placed on Rankin in the expanded footprint we hear your concerns and will be looking to address all of the issues that you have presented. As an organizer, it is challenging to balance the needs of everyone and to work for the utmost benefit of everyone. We don’t ever make any guarantees, however, our goal is always to serve the needs of our community. Please know that we will be looking very closely at ways to improve on the model should we have the opportunity to continue. Please know that we share in your heartfelt concerns and disappointment.


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