From loyal readers Steve and Elizabeth of Jackson Underground Cafe:

Hey Jason,

We wanted to make you aware of a new service that we are offering. We are now offering online ordering for customers of the Jackson Underground Café. In this “plugged-in” world in which we live, online ordering is designed to make ordering more convenient for our customers. There is no waiting in line or holding on the phone to place an order. Simply by visiting our website at, customers can easily and securely order food for pick-up or delivery using their computer or Smartphone.

The customer also has the option to either pay for their order online, or pay at the time of delivery or pick-up. We have been testing the service for the last several weeks, and so far, it has been very well received.

We hope all is well with you Jason. If you believe this is something your readers would be interested in, we would be very grateful if you would include it on your blog. Thanks!


Steve & Elizabeth



  1. Patty-Thank you so much for the kind words. They mean a lot to us!

    Jason-Thanks for including this release on your site. We appreciate it very much!

  2. If you haven’t been to Jackson Underground, you’re missing one of the best soup, salad, sandwich spots downtown. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s chicken salad sandwich. It’s oh-em-gee good! (no, I’m not a relative or a shareholder, just a grateful customer who appreciates the consistent quality and great service Steve & Elizabeth and their staff provide EVERY TIME!)

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