publixThe Asheville Citizen-Times has the story on Publix coming to town:

The Florida-based grocery store chain Publix plans to open a 50,000-square-foot supermarket in the Kmart shopping center on Hendersonville Road, the latest in a wave of new grocery store development around the city.

Developer Rusty Pulliam, who owns the property at 1830 Hendersonville Road, said Thursday he’s signed a lease with Publix, which plans to begin demolishing the shopping center in November. The store should be open by October 2014, he said.

Kmart has agreed to close by Oct. 31, and other tenants in the shopping center — GO Grocery and Cue ‘N Spirits — also have agreed to close by that date.

“This will be the last piece of the remodeling of commercial spaces that’s taken place over the past several years to give Hendersonville Road, the main commercial corridor serving south Asheville, a whole new, fresh look,” Pulliam said.

Publix already announced it would open two stores in Charlotte, it’s first foray into North Carolina, and move aggressively to expand across the state.

Forbes recently reported that Publix is the most profitable grocery chain in the U.S., the seventh-largest private company in the U.S. with $27.5 billion in sales, and the largest employee-owned company in the nation. Based in Lakeland, Fla., Publix operates 1,073 stores.

Asheville is blowing up with grocery stores. Trader Joe’s will open in September. Harris Teeter is under construction next door along Merrimon. And a Whole Foods is coming to Tunnel Road. Wow.



  1. Sabrina Lytle says:

    How do you apply ?

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  3. Publix is a good company to work for, and also a fierce competitor. I don’t have a real problem with Ingles, but they will have to raise the bar, or Publix will eat their lunch one bite at a time. They’ll start with exceptional customer service, which is certainly one of Ingle’s weaknesses.

  4. Oh goody! Another big box chain store coming to town and one that also supports ALEC too!

  5. I retired from Publix years ago. This store’s opening is a ways off but when they begin to hire and if you wish to start a full-time career, go and apply for a position in the new store. They have above average pay, excellent benefits and a employee owned stock program more than worthy (and the envy) of the fortune 500 companies. They promote from within so your work ethic will be rewarded.
    This is a throw back to the 60′ and 70’s when you could work for a company, make it a career and retire securely. This, sadly, is nearly extinct in our present day economy.
    Knowing they now have their toe in NC and if you are willing to relocate as they grow (although that is not a necessity), you can reclaim the middle-class “dream” for yourself. Take Dad’s advice. Good luck to you.
    No, luck has nothing to do with it: work hard and be conscientious regarding your job, fellow employees and the company you work for.

    • My cousin in Lakeland, FL has worked for Publix almost his entire adult life, and he would agree. Fabulous company to work for.

  6. I would take a Publix over a Whole Foods any day. Awesome choice for South Asheville. Soon there will be one Publix for every two Ingles.

    Since we are on the subject, have you seen the Ingles In Mills River. WOW! It is gigantic and even has hot pizza by the slice and chinese food to eat in the large sit down atrium among other things. Worth a tour and a write up Ashvegas, I have never seen anything like it even in large cities.

    • I have – it’s called Wegman’s, and sadly they’ll never come to NC. Someone commented online the other day that Ingles will probably be changing it’s business model because of the arrival of Publix, and the Mills River store sounds like a good start.

      • Ingle’s is going to struggle if they keep opening new 80,000 square feet plus stores. Publix is able to provide food and pharmacy necessities in stores about 30,000 square feet in size. They are the size of supermarkets you remember in the 1970s and 1980s. Having smaller stores allows a chain to open multiple stores in an area.

        Ingle’s is preparing for replacement and additional stores in Greenville and the upstate. It should be interesting to see Ingle’s catch up as Bi-Lo declines.

        I would not expect to see Bi-Lo continue operating in western North Carolina in five years. Many of its remaining 13 western North Carolina locations could be divested to Publix or the entire chain acquired by Kroger.

        Publix is likely planning future western North Carolina locations. A second Asheville location and a Hendersonville location would be logical.

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