Florida-based Publix recently announced plans to open a Charlotte store in 2014. Will Asheville be far behind? We’re already on tap to get a new Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s on Merrimon Avenue. Toss in Asheville-based Ingles, Earth Fare, Greenlife/Whole Foods, Aldi, Walmart, Target and Amazing Savings. What am I missing?

Here are the basics on Publix from the Charlotte Observer:

Florida-based supermarket company Publix plans to open its first Charlotte store in early 2014, adding a fierce competitor to the region’s upscale grocery market, the retailer said Wednesday.

The store, at Providence Road West and Johnston Road in Ballantyne, is the first step in Publix’s expansion into North Carolina. Publix is the largest new entrant into the Charlotte grocery market in years.

Publix said it plans to expand further in the state. Company executives said Publix will open a Charlotte division, with a divisional vice president and a leadership team based in the city, to oversee the expansion.

The story goes on to quote a grocery store expert as saying that Publix does not enter a market just to be another player – they play to win.



  1. HellllllllllYeah!!!!!!!! I cant wait for publix to open i am going to work for them! thay are the best top quality products and they are going to bust walmarts ass.Thank God they are coming .Publix where shopping is a pleasure!!!!!!

  2. All these businesses… Where Are The Jobs?

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  4. I love Publix. It’s the best grocery store around. I have been a Publix shopper in Florida and Atlanta. There’s no better place to shop. An added bonus it that they treat their employees very well.

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  6. Publix is a good store, treat their employees well, and any number locations within Asheville would be great for a store!

  7. You’re missing Bi-Lo, Lowe’s Foods, French Broad Co-Op, GO Grocery and K-Mart.

    It would acually be great to have a Publix in Asheville. They have an awesome deli!!

  8. For a town that wants to promote locally owned businesses over chains Asheville sure does seem to long for new chains moving to town:

    Trader Joe’s
    Dunkin Donots

    • Competition is always good for business. Locally owned in Asheville means only being open Banking hours. Marion and Rosman, NC could use some locally owned businesses..

  9. I would disagree that Asheville has a “crowded grocery store scene.” (Unless you live in a neighborhood near North Merrimon and I-240, that is.) There are huge swaths of the county’s population that are served by one traditional supermarket chain, and one only. Bi-Lo and Food Lion no longer have a relevant presence in the market, and Lowe’s Foods has exactly one undersized store here.

    It’s easy to focus on specialty retailers like Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare, Greenlife, and Fresh Market, but with the exception of Earth Fare, they all have exactly one location serving pretty much the same part of Asheville (including the Harris Teeter–which will also have only one store here–under construction). And there’s a limit as to how far most people outside north Asheville are willing to drive to shop at those stores on a regular basis.

  10. plastic paddy says:

    Best. Fried Chicken. Ever.

  11. Would love to see a Publix in these parts.

  12. hope they come soon. good company that takes care of its employees. cause maybe employees own it? love me some publix!

    • Worked at Publix for 17 years. The Employees put forth extra effort because the employes,share in bonuses that the store gets for doing well. I loved working for Publix. A great place to start at low entry job and work your way up.

  13. Very interesting. I guess the handshake agreement to stay out of Ingles home state (and vice versa) died with Bob’s passing.

  14. Bring it! My grandmother left me stock in Publix.

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