Hope, and a little change, for a stranger on the streets of Ashvegas

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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From a recent Facebook post of an acquaintance, H. A simple message:

So I went over to the Biltmore area today to grab a quick lunch in the drive-thru, and if you know the area, then you know it’s full of well-to-do shoppers and stores, hell even the Hardee’s has leather seating, and the McDonalds has a player piano in it.

I had to wait at the light for 2 changes, and on the corner was a man with a sign “Homeless and Hungry” – I watched as at least 40 cars crept past him without any interest. I’m talking Mercedes, Lexus, Infnitities, Prius’s (of course) and BMW’s, and I couldn’t help but notice the majority having “Obama” related bumper stickers. Not a single one so much as tossed a penny to this feller.

So I get close, have my window down, and the dude says “Nice Beard!” – and I’m like “Hell yeah, I’m giving this guy all the change I have in my truck” – so I give him my change and get through the light over to the Wendy’s.

As I am waiting in the drive-thru line, I see the man counting the change and he starts to walk into the Wendys. It hits me – this dude IS hungry… So I motioned him over to the truck and asked him what he wanted, because I was gonna buy him his lunch. He seemed totally shocked, and I told him I was serious. I ordered what he requested at the drive-thru, and then gave him his food on the other end of the drive-thru. He offered my change back to me… I declined of course, and told him to have a great day. This dude seemed so happy, and I could tell he was genuine.

Some folks will think that I might have made his day, and it’s the exact opposite. This feller made my day, he allowed me to be a blessing to my fellow man, and help someone in need.

Then I thought about all those “Hope and Change” voters that passed him over – and what a blessing they are missing out on while they are comfortable reaching into my ashtray and giving my spare change to those “less fortunate” while not even making a valid effort themselves.

Be the Hope and Change you want to see in the world folks – it’s not just politics, it’s action…

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Kathleen December 5, 2012

    Since we’ve all read about the scam artists who work the streets we frequently turn our faces away from those who are asking for help. Because…what? We don’t want to be made fools of by a dishonest person or we don’t want to throw away a few dollars? But perhaps it better (for us, as the author of Hope and Change suggests) to take the chance on helping someone rather than missing the opportunity to reach out.

  2. Stacey December 4, 2012

    Beautiful story, thanks for sharing it and your lunch with someone in need….
    Wish more folks could see that we are all in this together and do more for those that need a little help instead of keeping it all to themselves.
    Be the change that you want to see in this world!


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