Asheville has a small but active community of aspiring fashion designers, models and photographers. Thursday night, they came together in the River Arts District for a “fash mob” organized by Asheville photographer Duncan Chaboudy.

Designers had a chance to show off new work, while models and photogs had a chance to add to their portfolios. It was a great event. It as a great event, attended by about 50 people during the course of the evening.

The following fashion photos were shot by my friend Stewart O’Shields, who generously shared a few of his photos with me. The more documentary scene-setters are by yours truly.




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  1. Thanks so much for the support. It seems that in the past three years, the Asheville fashion and photography community have had been locked in a long awaited handshake. Events like these are just to ensure that no one let’s go.

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