lex18_2_2014Here’s the press release from Jack & Masters LLC dba Lex 18:

Lex 18 – Reset with new Appalachia cuisine to re-launch as a Supper Club on Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lex 18’s creative design and opening in mid-March was a collaborative effort between Bobo Pho owner, Ms. Suwana Cry, and a four member partnership of local Asheville friends and family called Jack & Masters. Forty-five days after it’s opening on March 18th, Ms. Suwana Cry presented the opportunity to sell her business to Jack & Masters. Georgia Malki of Jack & Masters stated, “This was very exciting for all of us; Lex 18 is a great location in a wonderful building that we have always loved since its days as Bobo Gallery. The business transition has been a very collaborative and positive; we are very grateful. Today, June 6, 2014 we are pleased to announce the successful purchase of Lex 18.”

On Saturday, June 14th, Lex 18 will re-open with some visible and behind the scenes changes. The most important exciting change is Lex 18’s new Executive Chef, Edwin Bloodworth, Jr. teamed up with front of house lead Mrs. Jeannie Bloodworth.

Lex 18’s food focus will be new Appalachia cuisine. The menu is designed to give guests the choice of either fixed price 4-course dinner or a la carte selections. Before and after dinner our bar will offer an eclectic menu of small bites that range from 1920’s specialties to twists on classic tapas.

Edwin is known for preparing out of the ordinary dishes from uncommon local ingredients. He explains, “in my cooking I focus on Appalachian cuisine, which includes so many wild things that are available in the woods…. There are a lot of things that I like to utilize, there are so many delicious flavors right under our noses and I like to bring those flavors out. I grew up in the mountains spending a great deal of time in the garden with my grandparents. I aim to combine my Appalachian roots with a modern approach to the regional ingredients to offer a memorable meal and help define Appalachia cuisine and transform other dishes.”

Chef Bloodworth’s resume includes Chef de Cuisine at Gamekeeper Restaurant, Boone, NC; Sous Chef at Town House Restaurant, Chilhowie, VA; and Line Cook at Four Square Restaurant, Durham, NC and Resort at Squaw Creek, Olympic Valley, CA.

Lex 18’s format is a jazz supper club. Supper served Tuesday – Sunday at 5pm with prohibition era black & white films and live jazz and blues performers starting at 8pm every evening. At the bar our small bites are offered till close each night. Saturday and Sunday we will open early with a delectable brunch menu from 10:30am to 2:30pm with scheduled entertainment.

Details, menu, hours and more will be posted on our new website coming soon at www.lex18avl.com Information about Edwin Bloodworth and new Appalachia cuisine visit www.rootsculinary.blogspot.com



  1. Sir Robin says:

    Bloodworth is the real deal. But I dread the location, as was mentioned previously. Good luck to them, but it sounds like a shitshow from the start.

  2. This is pretty disappointing. We went to Lex 18 for lunch a few days after it opened, and it was absolutely fantastic.

  3. I feel bad for the husband and wife team if they moved for this job

  4. boatrocker says:

    For those not addicted to their gadgets, giving directions to someone visiting from out of town is now impossible-

    “Yeah, it’s right next to that restaurant Lex 18 that used to be a (fill in the blank) and before it was a (fill in the blank)- you know, a few doors from what used to be Vincent’s Ear and across the street from that one place that used to be a restaurant for a few months before it changed to- aw never mind- just Google it”.

    • Street names and intersections don’t work for you?

      • boatrocker says:

        Ah touche. I can find it, but I couldn’t say the same for my directionally challenged outtatowner friends who considered eating there. They don’t get the idea of one way streets or looking out for pedestrians. Even using a GPS type app I would be terrified of driving with them. They are the most ADD couple I’ve ever met. And they’ve reproduced!

    • I would hope that a restaurant named for their street address would have relatively little confusion as to where they are located.

  5. luther blissett says:

    Soon to be followed by

    “Lex 18 reopens as small plates pottery studio.”


    “Lex 18 reopens as craft cocktail ukulele bar.”

    It’s a cursed space.

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