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Karen Marjorie Pollpeter Brzostoski, local artist and homeschooling mother of two, died from breast cancer on November 26, 2011.  Karen left behind two daughters, ages 8 and 11, and a loving husband. In the wake of Karen’s medical expenses as she optimistically sought a variety of holistic treatments over the last year, her family is much in need of financial assistance to see them through the next few months. Because Karen was such a creative, optimistic, and energetic force in her community, her community is now banding together to raise funds to help support Karen’s family over the next few months and to establish a trust fund for her daughters.

To that end, we are soliciting donations for a charity auction to be held on Tuesday, December 20 at Jubilee Community Church in downtown Asheville. More info at



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  1. Thank you for sharing Karen’s story and helping get the word out about the auction.
    I like your new site layout!

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