Beer news roundup: Sierra Nevada hires head brewer & announces job opening, downtown brewery announcement coming soon

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Beer news just doesn’t stop in Asheville. Here’s the latest.

Photo of Scott Jennings by Jay Brooks of Brookston Beer News

Sierra Nevada announced today it’s hired a head brewer for its new Asheville/Mills River location: Scott Jennings, formerly the company’s Research and Development Head Brewer, responsible for overseeing its 10-barrel pilot brewhouse.

From the Sierra Nevada press realease:

“Scott is an incredible asset to Sierra Nevada,” said Brian Grossman, co-manager of the North Carolina brewery. “He’s had his hand in developing some of the brewery’s most popular beers, and has been instrumental in the creation and innovation that has stemmed from the beers in our Beer Camp program. His technical brewing skills are first-rate, as is his ample creativity. Under his brewing leadership, our North Carolina location will be in great hands.”

Scott joined Sierra Nevada in 2001 after visiting apprenticeships with Young & Co.’s Brewery Plc. “The Ram Brewery” in London. He holds a Certified Brewmaster certificate from the prestigious brewing institute VLB Berlin, and specializes in technical brewing and recipe development.

Beer blogger Rick Sellers of Pacific Brew News offers a rave:

Asheville, you just got yourself one hell of a great brewer! Yes, I know it won’t come as a shock given it’s a Sierra Nevada pro we’re talking about, but Scott Jennings is all class – just a great person to be around and a truly great ambassador for Sierra Nevada. Congrats to Scott, I’ve always enjoyed seeing him in Chico – from Beer Camp #5 to other great visits  – I wish him and the Sierra Nevada Asheville team all the best.

Sierra Nevada is also sharing job openings for its new location. It’s hiring an events manager, marketing coordinator, and various cook/dishwasher/hostess positions. Most of the new openings are in Chico, Sierra Nevada’s home base. But it is hiring a North Carolina regional events manager.

Sierra Nevada Employment

And according to Xpress, the new downtown brewery moving in to the Asheville Hardware building next to the Orange Peel (reported here on May 18), will reveal itself to Asheville beer lovers at a special event at the Wedge  on Thursday, May 31 at 6:30.

And as new breweries move in, Beer Goddess Julie Atallah of beer retailer Bruisin’ Ales shares some food for thought:

5 Step-By-Step Ways to Bring It Home, Renew Your Vows, and Support Asheville Beer

With the inaugural Asheville Beer Week kicking off on Thursday, May 24, it’s time to renew our spirit and dedication to our city’s favorite beverage, beer.

Sure, we tied with the awesome town of Grand Rapids, MI for BeerCity, USA this year. The nay-sayers of the economic boon our industry brings will say “who cares?” and the neo-prohibitionists say we’re ruining the city by forcing everyone to drink “the alcohol,” but no. We shall not stand for that. We are a hard-working, vibrant, integral cross-section of this community that knows no borders and has no limits. We are a small bunch. We are strong. We work hard for each other. We work hard for others. We are not jerks. We are trying to make a living. And we like beer. And, moreover, we like that you like beer.

Here’s a Step-by-Step way to bring it home during Asheville Beer Week.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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