Beer City Guide: Reinvented Hendo brewery gives Asheville beers a run for their money

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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The Beer City Guide, a local publication based out of Hendersonville Asheville, says the reinvented Southern Appalachian Brewery is now making tasty beer:

Southern Appalachian Brewing Company, Hendersonville’s only brewery, used to be called Appalachian Brewing Company. It also used to not be in Hendersonville, and its beer could kindly be described as yucky.

Change is good.

Owners Andy and Kelly Cubbin, Michigan transplants, bought the struggling operation, which started in Rosman before moving to Fletcher, several years ago and immediately set their sites on the untapped market of Hendersonville. First, they needed to find a place, you know, IN Hendersonville. Second, they needed to make better beer

Sampler at Southern Appalachian Brewery


When I was there the other night, two American-style wheats (i.e. wheat ales) were on tap – the summer and raspberry – though I was disappointed there were no Belgian styles available. To me, that is what has really set SAB apart, and their popularity is the reason I couldn’t get one.

SAB’s taps seem innocent enough.

The Cubbins are “huge” fans of Belgian beers, and their 6.5-percent Belgian Blonde is tremendous. Andy has tinkered with other, higher-gravity Belgians as well as a “Special Original IPA,” and I’ve yet to have one of his creations I didn’t think matched anything I’ve had at the more-heralded Asheville breweries.


  • Crowd: Locals
  • Night to go if you like people: Friday
  • Night to go if you don’t: Wednesday
  • Most popular beer: Copperhead Amber Ale
  • Our fave: Copperhead
  • Walk to downtown? Sure, if you don’t mind several blocks of quiet, empty streets. At night.
  • Inside scoop: Hang around long enough on a slow night and you could end up with a free pretzel from Underground Baking Company, Hendersonville’s only organic bakery. But don’t hold us to that.

Read the whole article here.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Lu August 9, 2012

    Agree SAB has some fantastic brews. The Belgian Blonde is easily one of my favorites. Andy, Kelly and this brewery are a welcome addition to Hendersonville.

  2. Carl Donovan August 9, 2012

    Thanks. I like the strike-through. Nice touch…

  3. Carl Donovan August 8, 2012


    Thanks so much for re-posting our article here on AshVegas. One small point of clarification, the site is based right here in good ol’ 28801, not in Hendo. It just so happens that our editor lives in Hendo and he was the one charged with reviewing Southern Appalachian.

    We encourage everyone to come to the site and post their own ratings on the reviews so we’re not offering one-sided opinions. Ultimately, Beer City Guide should belong to the community!

    Carl Donovan

    1. Jennifer Saylor August 8, 2012

      Carl, it’s been fixed. So sorry for the error!


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