I can’t believe Baretta is walking a free man tonight.

Does anyone really believe that he DIDN’t do it? Dominic Dunn had it right, though – Bonnie Lee is the only victim in recently memory that absolutley nobody cared about.

Compare that to the way the Scott Peterson trial has been covered. The constant Laci photo, shown over and over, as if the simple thought of his crime wasn’t enough to compel the gag reflex.

But Bonnie Lee – well, she deserved it, I guess is what the jury is saying. Because there’s no way in hell Baretta didn’t pull that trigger himself, or hire someone to do it for him.

Where’s the outrage? When OJ got off, black people rioted in the streets.

Baretta gets off, and white people yawn and go to bed.



  1. We were cheated again in beautiful Oteen, the tubing capitol of East Asheville. An early inch-and-a-half to keep the kids home … wet, sticky, cold. But thanks for asking, Tom.

    OJ was (or became) a symbol. Baretta is just a has-been. He had a long career, and I thought he was okay, a cute kid actor. I thought he was guilty of something in this case. His behavior was too strange. Not that that means anything; I stack rocks.

    Scott Peterson must be wondering, “Why me? Of all the murders committed and everyone arrested every day, why did mine have to become CourtTV’s bread-n-butter?”

    Hope you are well, Mr. Graser.

  2. how did you cope with the snow storm?

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