Bangin’ Chains: Disc golf singles round-up at Lake Julian DGC

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Disc golf report time baby! Welcome back.

This time around, my trusty photographer and I take an excruciating 4.5 mile road trip (HendoRD @ 5pm,) to the exotic Lake Julian Disc Golf Course, to check out some singles tournament tomfoolery.

Let’s start with a chat about the course. First off, it’s pretty strange how few people even know of it’s existence. For a number of reasons (location, 9 holes only, tee boxes are death traps) it’s fairly off the radar, which is awesome in itself because even on the nicest days, the wait to play is very doable. Dig just a smidge deeper, and you’ll find this is a more than worthy course that provides challenge, sophistication, variety and beauty. Take a gander at the montage below to get a feel for how Lake Julian DGC plays out.

Mad props to my homeboy Sir Name for providing the beat to this weeks video. A way talented local indeed. Check him out @

You’ll notice the course is only 9 holes long, HOWEVER, it does have multiple tee boxes on most holes (except for #2 & #5), and even multiple baskets on two of them (#5 & #7). Essentially making Lake Julian a 20 hole course if you play all the possible combinations. The course design is clever and lends itself to natural barriers and man-made obstacles alike, creating a solid combination of tight woodland corridors and open field throws. In fact, if you play #7-Long, you get both. And yes, the lake does come into play on #9, creating a bit of a “Who’s got the balls?” situation. Sure, the tee boxes need some love, and the constant clicking of power lines on #4 & #7 is rather unsettling, but this course makes for a damn fun outing, which is why they host a weekly tournament here. Check out the photo gallery below to view some highlights from this weeks tourney.

[URIS id=49634]

Photos courtesy of Daniel Griffin. Thank you very much good sir!

The type of tournament they play here is “Singles Handicap”. Meaning each player is assigned a handicap depending on their level of skill (handicaps are determined after averaging your first 3 rounds). For instance, the best player on the board will likely have 3 strokes added to their final score and the worst player will have 3 strokes deducted from their final score. Thus making the playing field a little more even for anyone to join in and compete. In the end, there can only be one, and that honor this week goes to Tony Malone with a score of 49 strokes, great job man!

Snapshot 1 (6-2-2015 7-08 PM)

Don’t you dare mess with Tony Malone!

Full Breakdown of this weeks cash winners:

1st – Tony Malone 49
2nd – Ryan Bumgarner 50
3rd – Khris Cunningham 53
3rd – Josh Easterling 53
3rd – John Knox 53
4th – Bob Corbley 55

And finally, my favorite part about the entire tournament at Lake Julian, the food! It’s a super special treat that you can only get by coming out for the tourney. That’s because long time disc golfer and mastermind cook Nick Sampayo of Food Club Enterprises hooks it up hard. Clearly the secret ingredient is love, as Nick’s culinary contribution to the disc golf scene is for nothing more than donations (which he cycles all back into next weeks dish) and the satisfaction of helping bring the disc golf community together. Not only is it just awesome to get some food with your disco, but it’s also SUPER GOOD. Like smoking and simmering for 12 hours good (look at the pics above if you don’t believe me), more than good enough to warrant a shout out to anyone looking for catering.

For the record, this week Nick made:

Roasted Garlic cloves, short pickled bell peppers, caramelized onions and peppers, red sauce, sauteed mushrooms on chopped pasta, with micro Italian meatballs, hog jowl and collard greens . Simply D-LISH.


Well that does it for this DG Report.  Catch you next time.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. ashevillain June 3, 2015

    What in the world is “chopped pasta?”

    Looks like ziti to me.

  2. FDR June 3, 2015

    Lake Julian will be a great park once the power plant converts to gas.


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