Looks like a great show. Press release follows:

#AVLGLITCH | 10.1.16-10.30.16

#AVLGLITCH is a month-long 3 venue exhibition of juried works from an international open call

Orange Space | Cotton Mill Studios, 122 Riverside Dr. | Opening Reception 10.1.16 – 6pm

The Asheville Darkroom | AAAC Refinery, 207 Coxe Ave. | First Friday + Reception 10.7.16 – 6pm The BLOCK off Biltmore | 39 S Market St. | Closing Party 10.28.16 – 6pm

With more ubiquitous access to technology comes a higher margin for “error,” a premise which prompted the concept behind AVLGLITCH, a three-venue exhibition focused on Glitch Photography – experimentation through manipulation of an original image using creative post-photography processes.

Glitch is rooted in transience and imperfection, and the recent influx of vernacular photography due to social media has brought a shift in visual aesthetics celebrating serendipity and mistakes as well as inspiring professional photographers to intentionally craft anomalies. Glitch explores this trend and looks forward to the future of the medium.

Featured works include unexpected material exploration, “glitch processes” and other practices that have been sourced with (mostly) non-photographic media, such as catalog clippings, literary texts, 3D Models, Film Stills, Paintings, and Vector graphics, stills from video or animated GIFs.

Co-curators Jeff Mason and Lydia See, with a jury comprised of Colby Caldwell of REVOLVE, Jason Scott Furr of The Asheville Darkroom, and Tate MacQueen of The BLOCK off Biltmore, have selected the works of 46 artists from 14 countries which run the gamut of Glitch. From app-generated imagery to Google Maps manipulations, these works demonstrate how versatile the concept of “glitch” can be.

REVOLVE, The BLOCK off Biltmore, and The Asheville Darkroom are pleased to host #AVLGLITCH, an exhibition of glitch-based imagery.


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