Ashvegas Hot Sheet: The great waitress armpit hair debate and so much more

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Ashvegas: The City You Love. The News You Want.Just some of what’s going around:

-The great armpit hair debate: One of my favorite FB groups, the WAMBAM (West Asheville Bitch and Moan) featured a great rant by a dude complaining about waitress armpit hair. Much debate ensued:

OK ladies, shave your armpits or don’t shave your armpits I don’t really care.However, if you are going to serve me food, or reach across my plate to pour water for my dining companion, please PLEASE wear a shirt over that shit! I don’t want to see your hairy armpit over my plate anymore than I want to see some dude wearing a “wife-beater” and doing the same damn thing! Also, if your are going to drink water at your hostess station, lose the half-gallon camping bottle and get yourself a glass. YOU are your patrons first impression of the restaurant. OK rant over, feeling better.

The Fox and The Howl: A new website aimed at supporting local artists and businesses has launched. It’s called The Fox and The Howl. Deets:

Over the past couple of months The Fox + The Howl has come to life through a passion and vision of artists helping artists, creating community, and broadening a network of interested folks. We are storytellers. We wish to bring to you the untold stories artists and craftspeople. We wish to document the passion that is brought to life through watching someone do something they truly love.
Today we have officially launched our blog. Our first artist featured is Judit Just. She is a textile artist living in Asheville. Please head over to our blog to read about Judit and see the lovely photos taken in her home studio.

-AVL Taxi needs drivers: AVL Taxi is hiring drivers. Here’s the note I got from loyal reader Woody:

Stop working for your car man! Baller new car service seeks Asheville characters with character to make cash $, have fun and help your neighbors and visitors get where they are going while having a good time getting there! Helpful to have an interest in local music, food and happenings and some experience with iPhones. Background check and DMV check required. All shifts available, part time encouraged.

Woodward McKee
Beloved Leader
AVL Taxi Co.

Twitter: @AVL_Taxi

-An obit for the ages: So a guy that died recently wrote his own obit. It appeared recently in the Asheville Citizen-Times, and it’s a classic. The obituary is by Robert Bonadonna, who died May 29. Here’s a sample:

I worked for Macy’s for twenty years, eventually heading up three departments with over 600 staff people and 45 executives. I got this far without a college education. New York street smarts and a penchant for innovative ideas were my credentials. I was seduced away from Macy’s to be Exec. VP of a national consulting company, and then for my final 6 working years, I ran my own consulting business from the penthouse. The annual retainers from some of the country’s major retail and chain stores paid my bills and increased my nest egg, but more importantly, it allowed for lots of free time to indulge my addiction to tennis.

After fully retiring in 1978, I lived for a few years at the largest Nudist Resort in the USA, with 6 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, hot tubs, large lake, a beauty parlor, and shopping.

I married Joan in 1951. We had 20 good years and two wonderful sons, Reed & Ross. I then spent 6 years with Anita, 11 years with Carole, and the last 20+?? years with wonderful, brilliant, retired attorney, Eileen.

I was discharged from the US Navy after WWII, with tours on three ships, crossing both oceans, almost being swept overboard in an Atlantic hurricane off Cape Hatteras, and surviving the famous Pacific typhoon of 1945 on a Destroyer Escort.

-Dorm down: Fun video of an old App State dorm getting blown up over the weekend.

-Asheville Half-Marathon: The new Asheville Half-Marathon is this weekend. Gonna be fun, brought to you by the founder of the Cooper River Bridge Run.

-David Holt art opening: I’m excited about this art opening this David Holt art show opening this weekend at Pink Dog Creative:

Fully Exposed, an exhibition of mixed media paintings and black and white photographs by David Holt will open at Pink Dog Creative, 348 Depot Street, Asheville, NC on Friday, June 6, 2014 with a public reception from 6-8 pm.

David Holt is best known as a Grammy Award winning musician, host of multiple PBS series and musical partner of Doc Watson yet photography has always been an integral part of his work as well. Since arriving in the southern mountains in the early 1970s, David has photographed his musical mentors, capturing their personalities and uniqueness. “Choosing the exact moment to push the shutter is a wonderful, creative challenge. I rely on intuition to capture a compelling composition at the very moment the subject lets down his guard,” Holt explains.

Holt’s show is a combination of his black and white photographs taken over the last forty years, plus his new mixed media paintings. The paintings are developed with layers of paint, limestone clay and photo transfers using the palimpsest technique. Palimpsest is something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.

-Medea’s grand opening: Medea’s Espresso and Juice Bar has a grand opening set for June 21. It’s located off Long Shoals Road in south Asheville.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Harry June 5, 2014

    Girls, if you’re not shaving your pits and legs, and keeping that muff clean and closely cropped, you’re nasty. Get it together and fly straight.

  2. Doug June 4, 2014

    Jason, when you post your links on this site, they are preceded by “” Not always, but for the most part, like the links to the WAMBAM group and the Fox and Howl link. This is causing error messages for those who click on the links.

  3. Murphy June 3, 2014

    LOL… “Notice of departure…”

  4. Cwaster June 3, 2014

    Not a big fan of hairy pits of any variety exposed near my food on a server.

    1. Murphy June 3, 2014

      do you think any of the folks making pizzas at some of AVL’s finest shave the hair on their arms… knuckles…

  5. jared rutledge June 3, 2014

    That obituary – well done, sir. I hope to feel the same way about my life in fifty years. What a champ.

    I’ll pour an espresso out today for Robert Bonadonna.

  6. Kim Roney June 3, 2014

    I’m sure someone already addressed this, but this is from the NC Department of Health and Human Services…
    (d) Employees in temporary food establishments may consume beverages in the food establishment only if covered and consumed in a manner to prevent contamination of food and food-contact surfaces.
    I am always impressed when I see folks in the industry drinking out of covered containers, because it shows they care.

    Also, I have heard many sides for the debate, but for what it’s worth…

    (a) Food employees in temporary food establishments shall wear effective hair restraints, clean outer clothing, and maintain good hygienic practices as specified in Part 2-4 of the Food Code as amended by Rule .2652 of this Section.

    1. burnsey June 3, 2014

      You took the words right out of my mouth on that one. Also, the Health inspector will knock off points if they see anyone drinking from an uncovered glass while reviewing your restaurant.

  7. Orton June 2, 2014

    Looks like WAMBAM no longer exists?

    1. D.Dial June 3, 2014

      We are still around.

        1. Orton June 3, 2014

          guess i don’t have permission


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