Ashvegas Hot Sheet: New murals at Trackside spot in Asheville’s River Arts District

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Ashvegas: The City You Love. The News You Want.Some of what’s going around for a Monday:

-New murals: There’s great new mural up at the Trackside spot next to White Duck. Check it.

-Asheville City Council: Three more candidates have officially filed for this year’s Asheville City Council Election. Rich Lee and Carl Mumpower signed up last week to join Joe Grady, Brian Haynes, Marc Hunt, Julie Mayfield and Lindsey Simerly. This week, Corey Atkins filed to run.

-Green Opportunities: The Asheville nonprofit has a new executive director. His name is George C. Jones Jr. From a press release:

We are pleased to announce the hire of George C. Jones, Jr. as the organization’s new Executive Director. Mr. Jones will officially begin his role at GO on July 15, 2015 working alongside outgoing Interim Executive Director, Kendra Penland, GO staff and the GO Board to ensure a smooth transition.

GO’s new Executive Director brings with him a 20-year history of proven leadership, successful economic development initiatives and innovative multi-sector partnerships.

Mr. Jones’ previous work includes developing growth strategies for transportation firms with the NC Department of Transportation as Vice President and Small Business Capacity Enhancement Director with ED3 Group. In this position, he worked to foster strategic collaborations and address environmental justice concerns while supporting small and minority-owned business enterprises. Mr. Jones has also served as Project Director for the South Atlantic Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center at North Carolina A&T’s Transportation Institute. Under his leadership, the Institute secured $1.4 million in new funding for workforce development training. Prior to his return to North Carolina, Mr. Jones served as a corporate liaison for business recruitment and the Small Business Advocate for the Texas Department of Economic Development.

-Bailey Mountain Bike Park: This brand new downhill mountain biking park in Madiso County held its soft opening over the weekend. Here’s a crazy video from Bailey Mountain.

-Dobra Tea: Is now open on Haywood Road in West Asheville. It’s a beautiful spot, right next door to The Mothlight.

-Job Fair: From a press release:  Friday Staffing is holding a career fair on Saturday, July 25th, hiring for 58 jobs at two large national manufacturers. To learn more about the companies hiring, and the type of positions available, read the full press release.

-Downtown parking: It’s going to be an issue this weekend with a host of events, reminds the city of Asheville. Plan accordingly.

-Chief sustainability officer: The city of Asheville has hired a new chief sustainability officer. Her name is Amber Weaver, and Mountain Xpress has the deets.

Strange and Unusual Adventures in Western North Carolina, from

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. luther blissett July 17, 2015

    Perhaps Peckerwood and Wainscott can get a Groupon twofer on inpatient therapy.

    1. Tim Peck July 18, 2015

      Am I now the subject of this thread, Mr. Luthore? How delightful.

      Let’s see if we can keep the avoidance up.

      1. Nate July 18, 2015

        I’m fascinated that you think that there’s some sort of tribal, political defense going on of Wainscott here. News flash: no one likes him any more than they like you, Tim.

        They just don’t see the point in discussing the visible breakdown of a non-serious candidate, one who didn’t even end up filing. Keep marking up little tallies of “Us” vs. “Them” on your chalkboard, though. It’s obviously been productive for you so far.

        1. Tim Peck July 20, 2015

          Is Jonathan Wainscott out of jail yet? I think he missed the deadline to file as a candidate for Asheville city council.

          Is there a blackout on this story?

        2. Tim Peck July 23, 2015

          “I’m fascinated that you think that there’s some sort of tribal, political defense going on of Wainscott here.”

          Did someone make that claim? Hmm? Nate.

  2. Tim Peck July 17, 2015

    AC-T: “Not filing was Jonathan Wainscott, an unsuccessful candidate in 2013 who had announced plans earlier this year to seek a seat. He has been arrested four times over a roughly two-month span.”

  3. Tim Peck July 17, 2015

    AC-T: The only declared candidate not yet to have signed official paperwork is Jonathan Wainscott. The East West Asheville neighborhood activist was arrested July 6 on two counts of misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon and felony breaking and entering with intent to assault. It was the fourth time Wainscott had been arrested in two months.

  4. Tim Peck July 16, 2015

    The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that “although community activist Jonathan Wainscott announced his intent to run in late May, the Asheville resident’s Facebook campaign page has not seen a new post for more than a month, and his website,, has since been removed. In May and June, Wainscott was charged twice with violating his wife’s domestic violence protective order, the Asheville Citizen-Times reported. Later in June and again in early July, he was arrested for assault, with the additional charge of breaking and entering for the latter arrest, reads the same report.”

  5. Unaffiliated Voter July 14, 2015

    Questions for City Council Candidates:

    Would you support rescinding AVL from being a ‘sanctuary city’ for ILLEGAL aliens ?

    Would you work to restore leaf vacuum trucks for city
    street cleanup ?

    What would you do to entice people to clean up their trashy properties and street litter, curbs, gutters ?

  6. Tim Peck July 14, 2015

    Are all city council candidates out of jail yet?

    1. Zeke July 14, 2015

      Tim – I’m genuinely curious: what % of the vote did you get in your city council bid?

      1. hauntedheadnc July 14, 2015

        Oh, Zeke… Now you’ve done it. You responded to his bait and now any response you might type to anything he might conceivably say makes the thread “all about me” in Peck-speak. Good luck getting him to actually address an issue now, or do anything other than sling cheap insults and be the toxin that he is in any Asheville debate into which he injects himself.

      2. Tim Peck July 15, 2015

        ‘Tim – I’m genuinely curious”

        I genuinely LOVE genuine.

        Really? You’re interested in me on this 2015 candidate thread? How odd. I’ll get back to you with the details of my life that you’ve requested.

        Do you know if Jonathan Wainscott will get out of jail in time to file?

      3. AnswerMan July 16, 2015

        Zeke – To answer your question; according to the Buncombe County BOE website, Peck won 407 (2.32%) of votes in the 2011 primary race for city council

      4. Barry Summers July 16, 2015


        1. Tim Peck July 16, 2015

          And my shoe size is 11. What else would you like to know about me? This thread is pretty dead. How did that happen?

          1. Tim Peck July 17, 2015

            DISCUSS: What percent of Asheville progressives have their heads up their ass. Take your time.

            (As we all wait for Barry Summers Eve to run for office.)

    2. Broadway Barney July 15, 2015

      I don’t think Carl Mumpower has made bail yet. He’s been charged with pretending to be a “real” doctor.

      1. Tim Peck July 16, 2015

        Just like Gordon Smith pretending to be an anger management councilor.

        1. Judy July 16, 2015


          and he is a licensed therapist, *not pretending*


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