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Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Here’s more of what’s going around, including news about Highland Brewing’s rebranding effort.

Note: I removed a reference to the death of James Stokoe, who died in 2012.

-Highland Brewing, the granddaddy of Asheville brewing, has announced a complete rebranding effort, which will be unveiled early next year. The company teamed up with the creative agency Helms Workshop in Austin, Texas, to come up with a new look for labeling, packaging, marketing and updates to its east Asheville tasting room, according to a press release. That new imagery will include the Blue Ridge Mountains, a pioneer’s compass “and the clear messaging that Highland is Asheville’s first brewery.” Highland Brewing started rolling out kegs of beer made in Asheville in 1994 under the direction of owner Oscar Wong. In the 23 years since, the craft beer trend has exploded in Asheville and around the country. It’s a crowded market these days, and brands have to work hard to stand out.

-Give a listen to These Immense Meadows, the debut album of Japello, a collaboration of electronic music wizard Danny Peck (aka dep) and mandolin master Ty Gilpin of the popular bluegrass band Unspoken Tradition. The music is inspired from the textured and pastoral landscape of the ancient Appalachian mountains and created to serve as a channel for connection and restorative health,” according to a description on the Japello website.

-Local activist Ami Worthen has launched a crowdfunding effort to support her writing and blogging efforts. Here’s more about her work from her Patreon page:

I write for people who believe we can transform society. Much of my work is specifically for white people who are seeking to address white supremacy. Most of my current readers live in Asheville, NC and are looking for opportunities to bridge the social segregation we live within in order to build authentic relationships across cultures.

A frequent topic of my writing is systemic oppression – how it is manifested and how we might dismantle it. I also highlight initiatives led by people of color. With a local focus, my blog posts and events calendar highlight culturally diverse opportunities to engage in community.

-Chef Katie Button, Asheville’s most well-known female chef, reflects on sexual harassment in the restaurant business in this interview with Food & Wine.

-Tree Rock Social, a new bar, is now open on Biltmore Avenue.

-In case you missed it: A mural of a rotting zombie that Asheville artist Dustin Spagnola painted in downtown Memphis was slammed by city officials there recently as “despicable.” In what ranks as one of my favorite quotes of the year, city Councilman Joe Brown said: “If it ain’t painting Jesus, it’s got to go,” the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported.

-Also in case you missed it: Experts believe a tintype photograph purchased for $10 at Smiley’s Flea Market includes the image of both Billy the Kid and the man who later killed him, the Associated Press reports. The tintype could be worth more than $5 million.

-Finally, here’s a quirky video by a group of creative Asheville musicians. Here’s the list of credits, and the video, titled You’re Driving in Asheville. It pokes fun at clueless tourists driving in town:

Chuck Lichtenberger-songwriter, piano, lead vocals
Jonathan Scales-producer, video editor, passenger
Andrew Anderson-director of photography
Julian Dreyer-engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer
Debrissa McKinney-backup vocals
Ryan Barber-backup vocals
Simon George-Organ
Zack Page-bass
Jaze Uries-drums
Tyler Housholder-sleigh bells, tambourine
David Camhi-tourist
Danielle Dror-ride share driver

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. BMacAVL December 20, 2017

    That Joe Brown sounds like a really wiener(caugh), winner! Familiar to a similar rhetoric as “TURN OR BURN”, “IF IT AIN’T KING JAMES, IT AIN’T THE BIBLE”, “Skip rope, not church” or my personal favorite “No fake news here, just the good news.” smh


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