caleb_johnson_2014Caleb Johnson of Asheville made it into the top 10 men of this year’s American Idol contest on Wednesday night, putting him a group of 20 total contestants. This is the third time Johnson has entered, and it’s the best showing he’s had.

The website said Johnson was great on Wednesday night:

American Idol’s Top 10 guys took the stage in the semifinals Wednesday night.

And four guys clearly outperformed the others in the pursuit of five spots in the finals next week.

At the top of the list was Caleb Johnson, who opened the show with a rousing cover of “Stay With Me.”

Here’s more about Johnson, from

Caleb Johnson may look like the shy type but when this 22-year-old from Asheville, North Carolina lets loose, you know it.

His pipes got him through on American Idol twice before. This Southern rocker auditioned during Season 10 and almost made it to the Live Shows in Season 11 until he messed up the lyrics and earned a very upsetting grimace from Jennifer Lopez. Now he’s back, hoping to make magic happen on his third attempt and give Jennifer a better performance to remember him by.

Go here to check out Caleb Johnson on American Idol.


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