Asheville restaurants are using social media to try and persuade television food show and game show host Guy Fieri to come to Asheville.

A video posted to YouTube by Tupelo Honey Cafe showcases several Asheville restaurants, including Bouchon, Luella’s and Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack. The video includes a promo for the website, the website of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce/Convention and Visitors Bureau. It urges viewers to post the video to Fieri’s page on FB.

From the video posting:

We want Guy Fieri, Star of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, to visit Asheville, NC and see what we have to offer! Help us get Guy to Asheville by posting on his facebook page: Share this video with your friends and get them to post on Guy’s page too!



  1. ashevillain says:

    No bigger of a sign of douchebaggery is there than a pair of sunglasses worn on the back of one’s head.

  2. After all the reports about Fieri’s homophobic rants, I’m really shocked that Asheville is trying to “woo” this guy. Sounds like a bad move.

  3. Oh no.



    He’s already ruined my favorite neighborhood pizza place. We already have enough tourism here.

    Why? Who thought this was a good idea?

    Please keep him away.

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