By Stu Helm

wing_war_2014Hello Asheville!

You guys know that I love me some chicken wings, or as I like to call them “wing dings.” (I swear, when I was kid, they were called “wing dings.”) Well, the other day I got a really great note, from the really nice lady, who is organizing the 2014 Asheville Wing War, which is a competition among the restauranteurs of A-town and surrounds for best wings of them all! She asked if I would like to be a “celebrity judge!”


I tried not to hurt myself as I responded with an enthusiastic YES!

“Celebrity judge.”

I’m just gonna bask in that shit for a while… The nice lady put me in the category of “celebrity judge…”

The Asheville Wing War is happening at 2 pm, Sunday, March 9th, inside The Asheville Music Hall on Patton Ave, Downtown.

It’s open to the public, and for one low price of $15 in advance or $20 at the door, you can eat all the wing dings you can handle, and drink Serria Nevada and Pisgah Brewskis until they shoot out your whazooskis.

Plus you guys get to judge the dingers, just like me and the other “celebrity judges!”

The best wings will get the blue motherfuckin’ ribbon! Or something. I don’t really know what the prize is. All I know is that I get to do two of my favorite things at the same time: Eat chickens, and judge on people.

Here’s the Facebook event page.

See ya there!

Sincerely yours…

Stu Helm: Celebrity Judge


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  1. Sweet. Might see you there. :^)

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