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Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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Some interesting Asheville Kickstarter campaigns:

Puzzled Clothes is seeking $1,200 from the public to get its company off the ground. The project ends June 16 and has raised $382 as of today. Here’s the description:

1 part Independence-this campaign:

I have decided to release these patterns because I think everyone who wants a puzzled piece should be able to make one in whatever inspired way you got in ya’, near ya’ and for ya’. The closer to home they are constructed, the less impact their construction has on the earth.

This kickstarter is about giving you access to the pattern to create your own puzzled::clothes piece. Make it unique, show your style! Stencil it, grafitti it, bleach it out, illustrate on it, silkscreen it…swarovski crystal it. Make it yours!

where will the funds go?:

These kickstarter funds will go to the digitization of new puzzled patterns, for the update of the puzzled::clothes website, and to the kickstarter processing fees.

-Green River Picklers is seeking $20,000 from the public to expand its operation. The campaign ends May 21 and has raise $3,223 as of today. More:green_river_picklers_2_2015

At Green River Picklers, we strive to produce the highest quality pickled vegetables using the simplest and most sustainable means. Our pickles are locally sourced, consciously produced, and hand packed in small batches. We aim to pay tribute to our southern heritage by continuing family traditions & preserving local food, while continuously fostering growth in our community.

-Woodpecker Pie is seeking $15,000 from the public for its venture, which will be located at The Mothlight. So far, it has raised $10,490. The campaign ends May 7. More:

Between the two of us (Matt Bailey and Vincent Gagnon) we have three decades of restaurant experience – both front and back of the house. We’re more than ready to own our own business – to be our own bosses, and to put back into our community in a way that’s true to our vision of what good food, good service, and good business practice can be. We’re also both dads, and want to support our families in a way that’s sustainable for the long term, feels (and tastes) good, and makes our kids proud.

Rachel Weisberg Collection/Living wage garment factory is seeking $25,000. So far it has raised $2,040 and has until May 11 to reach its mark. More:

This project will enable RACHEL WEISBERG (“RW”) to expand her line and incorporate wholesale/production while maintaining social and aesthetic ethos.

With this funding we can present our entire SS16 line at the AXIS market, September in NYC to a wider range of buyers and establish an infrastructure for growth. The next step following a successful AXIS market season is to start a living wage garment factory located here in Asheville, NC.

Outdoor Learning Center at Hall Fletcher is seeking $40,000 from the public. The campaign ends May 31 and has raised $2,901 so far. More:

Following workshops with school children, parents, staff and surrounding neighbors, Asheville Design Center’s volunteers have developed designs for a half-acre outdoor learning environment that will translate classroom curriculum into outdoor educational experiences, encouraging enthusiasm through creative learning. Students will be involved in the creation of each element, applying their math, science and technology lessons in a tangible way, instilling a deeper appreciation for their school’s campus.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. Adrienne May 4, 2015

    Thanks so much for highlighting Woodpecker Pie! Vincent and Matt will have a pop-up pie stand with FREE pie samples at The Mothlight tonight, May 4, beginning at 8 pm – until pies are gone. Free bands go on at 9 pm.


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