From an undated post from the Travel Channel, Asheville is one of the “most psychic” places in the U.S.:

Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville has the most power points in the United States (24, in fact!). Followers believe the vortexes are directly linked to the Blue Ridge Mountains’ crystal-quartz formations (allegedly, trillions of tons), which act as a psychic magnet.

The mountain ranges here (Blue Ridge and the Great Smokies) are among the oldest on Earth (over 400 million years old). The vortexes just might explain the city’s rising spiritual scene. Certainly, the many yoga studios and metaphysical shops are shaping Asheville into a New Age mecca. Even famous psychic Page Bryant felt the spiritual pull to leave Sedona, AZ, for Asheville. She wrote an entire metaphysical book, The Spiritual Reawakening of the Great Smoky Mountains, about the area.

Stay:Grove Park Inn Resort, with its subterranean spa, has been regarded as a healing spot for decades. The hotel’s spa offers an aura-imaging photo add-on, where guests can get color images of their “aura.” The hotel is also said to be haunted by the Pink Lady, a guest of yore who mysteriously fell to her death in the 1920s.

Best Psychic to See: Any of the intuitive readers at A Far Away Place spirituality shop, although Patricia Busbee is touted to be the best.

What’s a power point?

Also on  the list: New Orleans and Sedona, Az. Read the full article here.

And Asheville was also recently ranked a top-ten best place to retire by

Asheville was ranked #6. Read the full article here.



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